Judge warns JW elders for covering up child molestation

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  • Biahi

    I don’t think this crap will end till regular elders start getting convicted and jailed for YEARS for the non reporting and coverup of CSA. When that happens, things will change.

  • LongHairGal


    I agree.

    But, until that happens, I’m just glad the Witness religion is finally getting the bad publicity and exposure it deserves over the CSA issue!

  • Vidiot

    https://www.blackpoolgazette.co.uk/news/crime/jehovahs-witness-ministers-delayed-reporting-child-abuse-claims-police-1385803 - "...They said they were under 'a spiritual duty' not to disclose confidential religious communications and said that 'if such confidence is breached', people might stop confiding in ministers..."

    Oh, my.

    What a disaster that'd be.

  • smiddy3

    I don’t think this crap will end till regular elders start getting convicted and jailed for YEARS for the non reporting and coverup of CSA. When that happens, things will change.

    I don`t understand or know why this hasn`t been occurring years ago ,for one thing it might just wake up Elders as to their responsability to the child victim and not to just protect the image of the JW religion or the name Jehovah.

    We all know that the JW organization would not back up the Elders if they were charged with negligence of a childs safety Elders would quickly learn that they would be thrown under the bus after all they are not in the employ of the WTB&TS they are only volunteers ,so the responsability rests squarely on their shoulders ,its not our problem says the Watchtower.

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    The elephant in the room is this - the law does not compel everyone to report real/suspected acts of paedophilia, so the org uses this get-out-of-jail-free card in order to save itself from bad publicity.

    It's time governments made it compulsory for everyone to report paedophilia. That'll sort the cult out.


    If JWism is the one true religion and the GB are the chosen leaders ( oops.. ones taking the lead...ahem..) then why wouldn’t you report any and all allegations of child sexual abuse, even if there were no law stating that you must report? The one true religion should lead the way when it comes to morality and ethics, not look for loopholes.

    A past C.O used a great illustration to show the difference between legalities and morals; to this day no Troll has been able to dispute this illustration ( or prove Da Troof using the GB’s criteria for truth, but I digress..) .


    You’re driving through a neighborhood and the speed limit is 30 mph. You can drive 30 mph all day. It’s perfectly legal to do so.

    You round a corner only to find a large group of children playing near the street, and sometimes in the street as children do. The children aren’t doing anything wrong, they are just children and they aren’t fully aware of the danger.

    Where are the parents? What should you do? The speed limit is 30 mph. You aren’t legally required to go any slower. What is the moral and loving thing to do?


    The Watchtower’s logic is full speed ahead! If children are injured or killed then it’s on the parents, not Tony Morris as he drives to the liquor store.

    How many times have we heard, “If people followed the law of the Christ then we wouldn’t need all the thousands of man-made laws that can’t make someone moral anyway...”, yet the WTBTS/GB need a law to tell them when to “slow down”?!??

    The hypocrisy is off the charts.


  • Fadeaway1962


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    5 “‘Now in case a soul+ sins in that he has heard public cursing*+ and he is a witness or he has seen it or has come to know of it, if he does not report+ it, then he must answer for his error.
    Why does this not apply to elders always used if Joe publisher becomes aware of a wrongdoing they have to report it.

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