So... Are they done printing the number of partakers?

by thedepressedsoul 54 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • truthlover

    Stats claim one in three have emotional and mental illness in the "world" so taking that into consideration that means of the 15,400 or so, about 5,000 of the so called anointed are mentally unstable plus since there are 7 GB2 take your pick 1 or 2 maybe of them is as well.

    Also did anyone note that there are some doing private bible studies?? Remember the 80's cleanout??

    They did not say it directly but just the hint means something is going on....

    and really, who wants to know the names of the anointed? I Don't - I hated the picture of the people trying to get shots and touching the so called GB member... What a crazy reasoning. there were a few more issues but those are enough for now

  • steve2
    Truthlover - good reasoning on the stats! Can you pinpoint the reference to some doing private bible study ? Thanks.
  • fulano

    Following their own theory the number cant be literal.

    They say earthly hope is no second degree hope, it is just different to the heavenly. I know a case of a do, anointed, married but got laid with a brother. Disfellowshipped. Now since some years reinstated.


    For a time their were 143.999.

    He was replaced, is now back and again unointed, and their are 144.001.

    He never lost his hope. So than disfellowshipping was wrong.

  • Lieu

    Well, they could never know the real number of anything. After all, in testimony the GB member pretty much stated they aren't the only religious of God. What's the amount of "the others"?

  • Tenacious

    It's simple.

    The GB maggots see the number going up which can only indicate that the time of the end is still in the future, perhaps distant future. Therefore, members will lose interest and sense of urgency (undying loyalty to GB and ass kissing) and therefore these maggots will lose power, following, and overall control over members.

    Losing power has always been the number one worry of these maggots. They need to have people eating out of their hands otherwise they are not a happy bunch.

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