So... Are they done printing the number of partakers?

by thedepressedsoul 54 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • stuckinarut2

    Yes, this highlights the mind bending required in order to be a witness!

    The number of anointed partakers was always used as a barometer of how close the end was...until the doctrine was once again changed...

  • Tornintwo
    Explaining the JW memorial: only the anointed can partake at the memorial - but some who do partake won't be actually proper anointed ones - they are just mentally unstable - but we don't know who is really anointed and who is mentally unstable - but we can't judge anyone - and they aren't allowed to talk about it much... I mean what the???

    What a laughable 'Christian' religion. We used to deride the traditional churches but at least at this time of year their services talk about love, mercy, forgiveness, thanksgiving ...the jws are having to sit and study more and more convoluted explanations of strange manmade doctrines, to try to make it all fit.

    ...and as for this labeling of certain ones as mentally unstable! Just awful, so now we've got a situation where people's sincerity, motives and even their sanity is questioned, what a judgemental, horrible group.

    Is no one sitting there thinking, 'how do we know that Stephen Lett or Anthony Morris Jr aren't mentally unstable'?!?!! They certainly sound a bit odd talking about tight pants and apostate driven lies!

  • atomant
    The number has never been accurate.l was taught that some of the anointed will live through harmageddon and help with the clean up work then they will pass away and go to heaven.Just imagine having to bury 7 billion rotting bodies.
  • sir82

    Was the number ever an "accurate reflection"?

    Surely at least some of the number, even in the 30's, 40's and 50's, had "mental or emotional problems".

    They never mentioned this before - so why now?

    Oh, it's because it points out how embarrassingly wrong their doctrine is. Eventually (and not that far off) the count will reach 20,000, 30,000, 50,000, or more. They have painted themselves into yet another corner, and are forced to come up with "new light" to explain away something that even the stupidest can see can't be right (how could the limit be 144,000 if there were 10's of thousands of anointed in the 20th century, plus many 10's of thousands in the first century, plus "some" in all centuries 2 thru 19, plus 50,000 now?)

    Yes, the number of partakers will go away. It might be 2 or 3 years from now, or it might be next year, but it is going away.

    sir82 Tornintwo - Great point you make [and others here too!] - Its this reasoning and the arrogance that accompanies it that makes me so angry.
  • tiki
    tiki much for the dwindling remnant of yesteryear......

    And this whole mentally or emotionally disturbed thing is nasty at best.

  • dropoffyourkeylee
    The '144000 is a literal number' doctrine is going to have to be changed someday. It's just a matter of time.
  • nowwhat?
    As sir82 said in 1925 there were 90000 partakers +15000 now that means there were only about 30000 announced in the 1st century?
  • nowwhat?
    Damn spellcheck! its Anointed not announced
  • steve2

    This is the kind of rivetting "in house" topic that once made the rank and file feel the organization was"special" but which baffles those who have never been in the organization.

    Now it's as if even those in the organization are in the process of having their eyes checked and they're also realizing that the Emperor ("anointed") has no clothes on. That which once made Witnesses feel special, now disturbs and baffles them.

    Oh, it's also sobering for Witnesses to "see" that there are currently 2,000 more partakers than there were in 1960 - over 55 years ago.

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