Asia Bibi Blasphemy Case

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  • Saename

    So today (just now) I heard about the Asia Bibi blasphemy case. She was arrested in 2009, I believe, for blasphemy and was then sentenced to death. As far as I know, she has not yet been executed. Her Wikipedia page still shows her status as alive, and any recent news I found are from October 13 when it was announced that the case was delayed by Pakistan Supreme Court.

    I have no idea whether she is still alive after those 9 days, but I don't want to risk it. In case any of you have not heard of her, please sign the petition linked below to save her.

    Asia Bibi Blasphemy Case Petition

    Still, what will happen if she is released from prison? Islamists (that is, not all Muslims) in her village and in the whole country demand her death. If she is not executed, she will be murdered by those bloodthirsty beasts. So the big question is... What happens after?

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Yes, I've read about this sad case. From what I remember reading, the poor woman first sent some people into a rage because she shared their drinking water. I don't know what she is alleged to have said that constitutes blasphemy - perhaps she got into a discussion about religion. She is currently on death row.

    What happens after? - she has genuine refugee status if freed. I think the UK should take her in. Her case is genuine, unlike 30-year-old, healthy, Syrian men of fighting age trying to pass off as children by shaving and hiding their HGV licences.

    Edited to add: signed the petition and put in the comments section that I think she should come to the UK.

  • jaydee

    Jesus Christ, and I thought I had problems.........

    as a species, we have a long long way to go don't we.

    wish they would just stick to the important things in life like playing cricket

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