Its Knorr day the 8th of Russell today

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    In the Panda Paradise, promisd repeatedly for decades, old BC and AD dating must go, as will months named for Roman Gods and such like as well of course as the days also are named from Pagan origins, have th GB on earth or their now Heavenly prdcessors, sorted this out so that roght after the Big A we start counting years as fom AM, after Armaggedon, we could have a Franz day, a Knorr day or maybe even a Lett day, and as for months, always th big guns of Russell, Rutherford and others such as XSplane ready to replace January, February etc. Sunday howerver as now known would have to be th most important day of the week and with a name of great significanc, step forard Donate Day ! Maybe Franz name wont be usd as, when he viewed himself as Gods only channel of communication, he either misheard what J told him, or made bad notes on their conversations, hence the 1975 debacle when J whispered the date to him but Franz got confused and just made up the date from a few fragments of drivel found in an old desk drawer from Russells days. In Panda World so much to change, no disfellowshipping, just public hanging, or stoning, for those who dare oppose the GB and whatever ridiculous set up follows the death of the last of the anointed Meanwhile and more sharing gone apparently, at Bethel in US , now built in kitchens, luxurious fittings abound, as seen in the software designers ‘room’ really N apartment on a recent video of the new HQ, so as well as new names for the days of the week etc, a new name for the Vow of Poverty, step forward the, We Have Never Had It So Good, vow of prosperity, pity about all those who have and will pass away, our Lakeside views, beautiful Conservatory Board Room for GB meetings will immunise us against the wicked world of work. On reflection Sunday not substituted by Donate Day, no, that needs to be a month, Donate Month in the year AM

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    Oh my goodness, Lost and Found.

    That is your 666th post!!!!


  • OrphanCrow

    Here ya go.

    This is the "Calendar of Jehovah".

    Image result for calendar of jehovah woodworth

    I am not sure which year we would be in now (this one is for 1903 - Jehovah's year of Ransom) but it is clear that we are currently in the eleventh month - the month of Jehovah. The days of the week line up correctly with conventional calendars, so today is Heavenday, the 21st of Jehovah in the year 2017 (Jehovah's year of the ?)

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