The Academy of Ideas - "Brainwashing"

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  • schnell

    The Academy of Ideas has got to be one of my favorite YouTube channels, and due to his subject matter, he doesn't get a whole lot of views. But do give his playlists a watch.

    Above, his video on brainwashing is clearly relevant to this forum about Jehovah's Witnesses. John Wesley and Pavlov's dog both come up.

    Another very relevant video is "Neitzsche and the True World", a lecture that discusses belief in a spirit realm/afterlife as well as philosophies of history called "temporal true world theories", which JWs should find very, very familiar.

    And I wouldn't leave you hanging there. Clearly the subject of that video involves nihilism. I'm not a religious person -- I am thoroughly done with the religion of my upbringing -- but neither am I nihilistic. Why not? Because I appreciate the positive thinking and overall philosophy of Stoicism, and even more personally, the Hero's Journey of Joseph Campbell makes a whole lot of inspirational sense to me. Your journey, however, begins with you.


    Enjoy, everybody.

  • dubstepped

    Thanks man, going to bookmark these and check them out when I have time .

  • smiddy

    I remember a CO , commenting on criticism that JW`s were brainwashed ,stating that coming out of Satans world our brains needed washing.

    marked to watch the videos later.

  • dubstepped

    My wife and I really enjoyed that first video on brainwashing. It was great. Watched some others as well. Good stuff. Thanks for posting these.

  • schnell

    Absolutely man! Glad it helped.

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