Disagreement with Mom

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  • Darryl

    Although df'd for almost 20 years my very much still a jw mother and I would have a discussion about my return to the org

    from time to time. That ended when I revealed myself to be an apostate. How did I do that? We were having a discussion

    about pedophiles in the organization. I was questioning why in most cases the authorities are not contacted and the rank

    and file witnesses are not aware of the circumstances and the fact that there is a pedophile in their ranks. My brother in

    law is an elder and at the time had a 15-16 year old daughter. My words to my mom were something to this effect you

    know good and well that if Harold was on a judicial committee judging a child molester and the decision is made not to

    make the information public, he would guarandamntee that his daughter would not ever be in a situation where she

    could be sexually abused. If the man had a daughter and she was having a sleep over my niece would definitely not

    be going. He would protect her at all costs however he would not give the rest of the congregation the same

    opportunity to protect their daughters. She tried to argue that it was not the case but after a while she gave up because

    she knew I was 100% right

  • TheListener

    You make a really good point Darryl. That is one of the things that my wife and I agreed on when I was still a dub (she still is). Why would the elders be in a position to protect their families and maybe a close friend or two but the majority of the congregation would be left in the dark and not even know the extent of the danger in the congregation.

    Sorry that your conversation cost you the remaining part of of your relationship with your mother. That's a whole other disappointing and disgusting subject.

  • KiddingMe

    I am sorry for your disagreement. It is sad that they will not allow themselves to look at things differently.

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