The Anointed fight during the memorial celebration?

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  • waton

    The last WT magazine on the memorial asserts, that the Kingdom Covenant was the prime subject of the solemn Last Supper bread and wine ceremony. well, -- no, --think about it,

    Here was the sobering passing of the bread of wine, symbolizing the new covenant, forgiveness of sins for all. Here was the symbolic undoing of the talking snake's viles, the reversal of the misery and death of billions, but

    incredibly, later, during that moonlit night, a fight broke out among the 12, ( 12 thrones to fill) who would be the greatest. -- really.

    Only in response to this, does Jesus assure them again that indeed, they would rule in the kingdom.

    That sorry episode was not part of the Memorial ceremony. The kingdom covenant not part of the bread and wine passing.

    wt knows that the bread and wine should be partook by all. In paragraph 4 the writers cagedly put the Kingdom covenant in capital letter beginning, the new covenant as ordinary, just minor part of the text.

    You thought the Catholics were wrong to withhold the wine for communion? wt goes all the way, making sure the ransom, the New Covenant does not apply to you, because you refused the symbols, as per wt instructions.

  • hoser

    If the wine was drank by all there wouldn’t be enough left over for the COBE to get hammered after the memorial.

  • Jerryh

    In their own words. Baptism and communion picture the same reality.

    *** Watchtower 1962 3/1 p. 142 par. 9 A Close and Precious Relationship ***

    Jesus gave only two things of a symbolic nature to his followers, baptism and the Lord’s evening meal, but their observance does more harm than good if the realities pictured thereby have not actually occurred and are not still being carried out in heart and mind and course of action. Agree 100%

    Picture reality

    (Colossians 2:17) . . .Those things are a shadow of the things to come, but the reality belongs to the Christ.

    Whoever is qualified for baptism is qualifies for communion. However (there is often a however in Watchtower world)

    *** Watchtower 1954 3/1 p. 138 The Meaning of Baptism Today *** Today?

    Repeatedly the Scriptures speak of those who were baptized in apostolic times as receiving the holy spirit; Cornelius and his household received the holy spirit even before baptism. (Acts 2:38; 19:5, 6; 10:44-48) God’s will for those who then dedicated themselves to him was that they should become spiritual sons, and these were said to be “baptized into Christ’s body.”—Gal. 3:27; 1 John 3:2, NW. Because they were.

    However, this baptism was limited to comparatively few,

  • waton

    Jerry h : the point was, that the kingdom covenant was not part of the Jesus bread and wine ceremony.

    wt baptism is wrong because it includes organisation

    wt memorial is wrong because it limits partaking,

  • Jerryh

    Yeah I saw your point. I was making another.

    Why JW's think baptism is ok but communion is not is inconsistent and incoherent and the leaders know it.

    Baptism has been redefined from being baptized into Christ to being a "dedication".

    Communion has simply been outlawed.

  • Bobcat
    However, this baptism was limited to comparatively few

    Until one reads Acts 2:38, 39. (Also Jn 1:12; 3:3, 5)

  • waton
    Yeah I saw your point. I was making another.

    Jerry h, your post makes a good connection, but I wanted to keep hammering on the fact that the kingdom rule covenant ( produced twice) was not part of the Bread and Wine Ceremony.

    wt used both baptism and memorial as control mechanism.

    the immersion of "other sheep" : making them subject to the present organisation.

    memorial abstention " " " : making them slaves for another 1000 Years, working for their salvation, that could have come automatically, symbolically by accepting the ransom symbols.

    Paragraph # 12. wt wants jws to invite the whole world to their "We will rule the world " celebration. unlike Jesus who kept the number of participants to a bare minimum, 12 for 12 thrones., when at least 500 "brothers" were ready for action at the time.

  • waton
    Until one reads Acts 2:38, 39. (Also Jn 1:12; 3:3, 5)

    Bc: what do make of the fact, that the kingdom covenant recorded in Math. 19, and Luke 22, was never part of the "Blood of the [new} covenant" ceremony? and

    talking of reading Acts of the Apostles, there is no record they did the memorial on the following passovers, Peter was freed from prison, but no mention of him missing the bread and wine under the full moon.

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