Just seen May 2015 JW tv item....repulsive

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  • Lostandfound

    Having only seen this item of begging I feel physically sick

    a repellant zombie moved his body as if he was a puppet, and as UK people may know the old tv show Red Dwarf, he looked just like the character Criton, Crystal Cathedral tv evangelism would have been embarrassed at this disgusting plea for money.

    mention made of kh loans cancelled, yet who now owns them and can sell whenever they want

    this caricature of a programme could not have plumbed lower depths, if the presenter had given a talk at the kh when I was going I would have run screaming out, his script, smile, look sincere, smile, raise arm etc etc was pathetic

    Emotional blackmail combined with tear jerking pathos or rather emotional blackmail combined with puerile drivel, pause, smile, point at camera, Please , cannot wt see how truly appalling such stuff is? When that was broadcast many a sick bag must have been used, where did they get this ghastly automaton? Who let him loose, If he had ever come near my children He would not have been on 2 feet for long.......truly we are blessed...to be free from this revolting perversion of our minds

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