“Worldly” people also can teach spirituality

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  • venus

    I was listening to an interview of a Hollywood actress. When the interviewer brought to her attention a criticism somebody made against her, she replied in sheer dispassion: “He doesn’t need my permission to criticize me.”

    I rated in my mind this as the height of spirituality because spirituality is egolessness. Try this with an Elder, CO or even GB, or with their wives. He/she will be terribly upset and totally disturbed and would likely to respond like this:

    “When did he say that?

    “Who were the witnesses?

    “Has he told the same to anybody else? …

    I think enlightenment happens when we have gone through the journey of the range of experiences. Life experiences have the same value, whether we label them as “good / spiritual or bad/mundane.” What truly matters is the change of consciousness happening by going through the experiences, in our personal journey. Consciousness will change in our journey at some point in time. Experience is the true teacher.

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Really appreciate you sharing such a valuable idea. Thank you. Which actress was it? I'll try not to take points off if she's gone All Clear and Xenu on us. The moral of what she's said is still incredibly profound.
  • venus

    wake me up before you jo-ho,

    I don't know the name, and interview had already been in progress when I switched on the TV and I missed much of the interview except this vital part.

    This one sentence changed my life for the better. It highlights the importance of acceptance which is the only thing we can do because others have their freedom to speak/act the way they like--why should it affect. Even God is least bothered what others speak about Him.

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