Sad Morning

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  • Undecided

    Hi All,

    I stopped by Hardees this morning to get a cup of coffee and while I was there I saw the adopted daughter of my good friend(Danny) who shot himself. She is mentally retarded but they let her work there a few hours a day to clean up things. She saw me and came over to take a break. She talked the whole time I was there. The things she said made me really sad.

    She was adopted with her sister by Danny and his wife. She was telling me that her adopted mother didn't like her and didn't want to take her but her dad(Danny) wanted her so they took them both. She said her sister took care of her because her mother abused her. She said I miss my dad, he used to take me places. She remembered him taking her to a resturant in another town just for her. She talked about her real mother, she sees her sometimes now and spends the night with her some weekends.

    When Danny killed himself his wife just abandoned them both. She lives with her sister and she takes care of her. It made me recall the times I remember seeing them when they were just little kids, about 4 or 5 years old. We sometimes would visit thier house and have dinner together. Danny and I worked together and would go to the coast and fish every fall. He seemed to be such a good person, what happens mentally to people that makes them be able to sexually abuse their children? You want to hate people like that, but I know that he wasn't a bad person and he loved those girls. I just can't understand, it makes me very sad. Life just sucks sometimes.

    Ken P.

  • shamus

    Yes, Undecided, pretty horrible all right. I don't know what can cause a person to do that to another human being. It ruins their life.

    There are pretty horrible statistics for mentally challenged (retarded) persons and sexual abuse. It usually happens when they are children, as opposed to adults. Mentally Challenged people are just like us, with the same thoughts, but cannot make things happen for them. It is very frustrating and aggravating to them sometimes!

    I wouldn't wish that life on my worst enemy. Imagine knowing that you will never be independent for your whole life... just devastating!

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