good incounter with 30 ish jw sister today

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  • JunkYardDog

    ran into this Lone sister in fs. today stopped her as she was hiding her wt mag.. I went straight into child molestion and the catholics/ then switched it on the wt. she tried to tell me all jw are told to go to the police. I hit her with the Royal Comm. and all the cases they are losing in the U.S. over 1000 cases in australia and NOT ONE REPORTED... and she had no answers for the 2 witness rule. and how many jw's were hidden for molestion and raped many more young girls and how the wts is paying out $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ in court cases.. she said she heard about the counti case a few others. and I told her conti's molestor raped many more girls , and the elders and wt legal knew he was a threat to girls but still let him go out with kids in FS. she said they are apostates or disgruntled I said funny when tghese girls go to the police they end up DF'ED for bringing reproach on JaH name. I kept drilling it home about the 2 witness rule and I think she was getting it.. she tried to switch me into the door to door work . AND USE HER BIBLE. she lasted 2 minutes before folding. I took her into wt history and how the wt is lying about `1914 CTR and the generation etc. I had her laughing about some of the things printed in the golden age mag.. i hit her with 1799 1874 1878 1881 1919 1925 etc... i said that how i found out the wts is lying all i did was read a new wt about what they taught in 1922 and just looked it up (prove all things true) and found out they were lying about their history. I told her about the good news an other jw mom died during child birth. and the blood issue. there was a lot more we talked about she was a very nice young lady and we talked about 25 minutes. And I was very polite. and we wished each other well.

  • Carol1111

    I find they look so dejected when out at the doors. They don't look happy or enthusiastic.

    I asked the last pair what will happen to all those who died 60 years ago believing things that they would be disfellowshipped for if they were alive today. I did not get an answer.

    If I wait long enough perhaps they will believe the same as me!

  • WingCommander
    My last door knock from a JW was about 9 years ago. It happened to be a nice lady who's daughter I grew up with. The daughter got a "worldly" boyfriend at age 19. She was promptly DF'd. She married him. They'd been married 10 years. I point blank asked this mother how shunning her own daughter for 10 years for doing nothing except being a normal human being desiring love and affection, was working out for her? I also asked her why we were standing there, as I was promised as a young child that I wouldn't grow old in this System of Things, have a job, a car, a mortgage, children? I said, "It's 2009, and I have ALL of those things, so doesn't that make the WT liars and false prophets?" All I got back was her eyes on the ground, a dejected look, and stunned silence. She looked haggard. I felt sorry for her.
  • steve2

    I do think modern-day JWs have lost confidence in defending their beliefs beyond the stock superficial responses - and their best approach is to avoid such discussions.

    Sounds like an interesting encounter - just hope you didn't give the poor young thing spiritual indigestion. Makes me wonder how believers recover from hearing this information. What mental gymnastics will she need to perform to keep doing what she does?

  • smiddy

    Well you have certainly planted a few seeds whether they take root or not only time will tell .You never know what you said and her own personal experiences she has had and will have , will effect her.

    It sounds like a good anti-witness , or a good witness for TTATT.

  • Vidiot
    Carol1111 - "They don't look happy or enthusiastic."

    Well, let's be honest.

    It ain't the most fun activity in the world.

    'Specially these days. :smirk:

  • Vidiot
    steve2 - "I do think modern-day JWs have lost confidence in defending their beliefs beyond the stock superficial responses..."


    As Outlaw once said, old-school JWs were "Watchtower Warriors"... the current crop are soft (paraphrasing, but that's the gist).

  • Vidiot
    WingCommander - "It's 2009, and I have ALL of those things, so doesn't that make the WT liars and false prophets?"


    Didn't pull any punches, did you?

  • WingCommander
    @ Vidiot: No, I don't. Hey, these people show up at MY home unannounced, professing to have absolute "Truth", which is an insulting, condescending way claiming the householder believe in "lies." Guess what? They'll get a whole load of actual "Truth", right back from me!!!
  • Vidiot

    BTW, was she hot?

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