Anybody here a "bump on a log?"

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  • stillin

    A brother used this illustration throughout his talk recently. Of course, it was meant to cause guilt in people like me or anybody else who might be prone to feeling guilty anyhow.

    I approached him afterwards and said that he was speaking disparagingly of God's arrangement. He knows I'm a kidder so he asked "how so?" I said that the very existence of bumps on logs is God's doing. Many of those bumps were once fruit-bearing branches, like himself, that had simply run their course. And so had the tree run its' course. It was obviously down or it would be a "bump on a tree."

    I put on my most self-righteous, Stillin-counsels-the-brother act for him and suggested that he give it some thought. He took it in good humor, but I hope it sinks in a little further.

  • scratchme1010

    It's on now. He's going to be on your case.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    You : I think of myself more as a bump on a pickle, which is similar to a bump on a log... only it tastes better.

    That "brother's" comment reminds me of the false analogies that were often used on the platform to compare two dissimilar things in order to make one of those things look bad.

    They'd often compare religion to science, for example, when really one is a method of knowledge and the other is a system of belief and unlike science, is not known for revising itself once new and contrary evidence is discovered unless they blame imperfect human interpretation. Somehow, they'd compare the two in such a way that if you weren't paying particular attention, you might find yourself going along with their train of thought.

  • waton

    A bump on a log is now an area that is growing clear grain, grade 1 wood. ready to be harvested, like the estate of all the aging jws. a good wood, and typical wt illustration with an appropriate conclusion.

    like the aging teacher (picturing god) that is bested by the genius student "Einstein" on the blackboard in the "bible teach" book. ha ha.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    I can't imagine a less interesting illustration! Attending the KH must have all the excitement and passion of watching paint dry.

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