Marvin Shilmer website : one of the best contra-Watchtower sites of all time

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  • Terry

    If you haven't been around for 16 years in the Ex-JW community you've probably never
    seen or heard of Marvin Shilmer or his wonderful website.

    Just before he closed down I downloaded everything I could.
    I believe this link should still work.

    Give it a Look-See!

  • Magnum

    Just downloaded. Thank you.

  • smiddy3

    I have also just downloaded it , thanks Terry

  • Hotpepper

    Anyone have any of the Free minds site?

  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina

    Terry, do you or anyone else know why he close down?

    I remember this site used to be informative. Looking at it again I see the home page is showing that the Watchtower is the pagan image from the head of an idol. I think the idol is Artemis and it means bear like King Arthur.

  • Ardian

    The Watchtower and Awake have been listed as the most popular magazines.The figures are astonishing. I am not sure whether it is based on reality or not.


    I have seen the link on many social media networks. Can anyone confirm it?

  • Atlantis


    Atlantis has over 450 websites stored in "peggy". I call it "Peggy", which is short for the "Pegasus" 80 Terabyte Archive HUB Expansion Drive". (It was donated to Atlantis because Atlantis could never afford a drive of that magnitude.)

    Randy's Freeminds website in in there if you want it. After you download the file, click on any of the PDF files and when they open, you can click links that still work. Basically, it will give you the same information as the Way-Back Machine, where all of the Freeminds articles and materials are stored.

    Time for another sip of cappuccino!

    Let me know and I'll send you a pm.


  • Terry

    Marvin Schilmer's site was uniquely specific; with a show and tell transparency.
    I think the name "Schilmer" may have been a nom de plume. Don't know where he is now or even if he still exists.

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