Protesting Works. It is protests like this that is getting the media’s attention.

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    For years many former Jehovah's Witnesses criticized and attacked protesters for protesting at Jehovah's Witness events with signs and banners. Many thought that protesting feeds into the JW persecution complex. It now appears that their efforts paid off. These ridiculed protesters caught the attention of the national media, Newspapers,Television, Radio, Magazines as well as Governments and even Attorneys seeking lawsuits.

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    The cult grew bit by bit, steadily eroding people’s spiritual frame of reference in favor of the dictates of a man-made corporate hierarchy. And that is how it can be dismantled: exposure and resistance – bit by bit.

    The protest in the above video may not in itself bring about the fall of the Watch Tower. But our collective voices worldwide will certainly open people’s eyes and make a very significant impact, especially in this age where facts can be accessed and shared with monumental efficiency.

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