GB Daniel Sydlik died ten years ago today (on April 18, 2006)

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  • AnneB

    He seemed like a decent fellow. I miss his talks.

  • jookbeard
    I wouldn't class him a decent at all, just think how much misery he contributed to peoples lives with their dreadful policies over the years and remained silent throughout, what was the words that spewed out through his dirty mouth during Ed Dunlaps JC, "we are not here to discuss the bible with you" from a man who claimed to be spirit appointed as a member of the governing body, sorry no misty eyed reminiscing from me.
  • freddo
    Anyway Anne B, he's probably providing Public Talk Outlines from beyond the grave. Maybe he reduced the length of them from 45 to 30 mins? Perhaps he can get to work on the CLAM meeting?
  • Londo111

    There was a discussion about him about a month back...

  • the girl next door
    the girl next door

    Scene: Bethel table, morning worship

    Dan Sydlik: (to the African American "new boy") "Hey son, pass me the potatoes."

    New Boy: "I'm not your son"

    Dan Sydlik: "Hey ni**er, pass me the potatoes."

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    He gave a memorable talk years ago at a DC in Sacramento, California, USA:

    Two sons of a devout Russian Witness mother came to America to find freedom but left the "Truth." She wailed that if they were back home they would still be serving Jehovah. What, precisely, is freedom?

    Another experience he related was that of an official (in Russia, too, I believe) who, somehow, had an ill and imprisoned Witness under his care. He commanded that the JW be fed the broth of a stewing chicken* daily so as to regain his strength. Failure to follow through on the reinvigoration of the stricken Witness would mean death to the jailer.

    Jehovah provides for his people.

    You cannot make these stories up.


    Incidentally, this chicken* was no ordinary chicken. Stewing chickens possess special curative properties. I doubt a young fryer would do . . .

  • Wild_Thing
    There are several decent JWs that I miss seeing (by their choice, not mine). I do not miss any of their talks.
  • the girl next door
    the girl next door
    Love the dislikes. Nothing like an inconvenient truth.
  • suavojr
    Hey girl next door.! Is that a real account of what he said or was it just a joke? I just can't believe he would say something like that. When I think these people will never surprise me again... they seem to find new ways.
  • Cangie

    "Dan Sydlik: (to the African American "new boy") "Hey son, pass me the potatoes."

    It is my understanding regarding this occasion by someone who was in Bethel that Sydlik said "Hey BOY, pass me the potatoes." If he had called him "son" it would not have been considered an insult by the African American guy. Calling him a "boy" would totally explain his negative reaction to what Sydlik said.

    @suavojr...Calling a Black man a "boy" is an insult of the greatest degree. There is nothing amusing about it.

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