It's a sign! It's a sign I tell you!

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  • darkspilver

    If you can't read french, please stop reading now!

    This is a story about a sign, but not just any sign, oh no!

    This is a french sign in the sunny little coastal town of Trouville-sur-Mer in Normandy.

    Look! See how nice it is! This is Claude Monet's painting of the sea front.

    But where is the sign? Ah, yes, the sign!

    The sign isn't on the beach. That's because it's a road sign. Here is a picture of the sign:

    See! It has two signs! Maybe it should have a third sign? Why? Because people get lost

    People in their cars wiz around that corner and get lost

    Who are in the car? Caleb and Sophia!

    Where are they going?

    To the Kingdom Hall of course!

    It's located down the on road on the right hand side. But they get lost

    Oh no!

    Don't worry, the lovely brothers and sisters at the Deauville Congregation want to say hello to Caleb and Sophia. They don't want them getting lost, even if Trouville-sur-Mer is actually quite a nice town to get lost in.

    The brothers and sisters at the Deauville Congregation take a collection and raise enough money so they can go the Mayor of the town and pay for a sign to be put up!

    Isn't that good! Now Caleb and Sophia can find their way to the Kingdom Hall!

    And the brothers and sisters can say hello to them!

    Oh, but wait, not everyone is happy

    Look what they have done to the sign!

    Hmmm, maybe family worship this week will be about Balaam?

    And that's not all! Look at the front page of the newspaper!

    Oh dear!

    Ah well, welcome to the world of Don Camillo. Who? Don Camillo - don't worry, it's an Italian thing

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    No comprende senior.

  • prologos

    Like all french texts, it is wordy, but the got it right, they call it a "CULTe" , and les freres. did not get the Org on the placard

  • prologos

    A lower echelon city employee allowed the witnesses to pay for the making and putting up of the CULT sign, but city council opposition questioned it in a session that was about tax increases for 5 star hotels, but the religion question was subject one, The Mayor defended the traffic department, despite the "obscure doctrines" of the cult. They ban the burka but almost advertise the Org on traffic signs? , weel, as long they classify it as a CULT for the english visitors.

  • smiddy

    Where is google translate when you need it

  • darkspilver
    Hey Wasanelder Once!

    No comprende senior.

    Well firstly, despite initial appearances, "lieu de culte" is kinda correct French - the JW's evidently paid the costs of the sign and would no doubt have had some input on the wording after all - it just means "place of worship."

    The actual 'spelling issue' was what the vandals did..... they scrubbed out, not just the the 'e' to spell 'cult' (in English) but rather the 'te' to spell 'cul' (in French).

    Hence my comment regarding family worship being about Balaam - which is a play on words - as cul basically means your back side / bottom, or 'ass'.

    And Don Camillo? - the rather long winded newspaper article regarding the goings on in Trouville-sur-Mer (population 5,000) - which I am sure is a very very nice place - reminded me of the books I used to enjoy reading by the Italian Giovannino Guareschi.

  • mrquik

    Why o why did I not pay more attention in French class. I knew some day my inattention would come back to haunt me. I'm now resolved to not let my Latin languish any longer. Et tu?

  • polish clarinet
    polish clarinet

    well, cul = ass in english!! so you could understand ass hall of the JWs...


  • Absolutesbeginners

    Yes ....i confirm ......cul is ass in english ............a funny man with a black pen made a joke one night ......could have be me !!!!

    anyway lot of noise for nothing .....

    Deauville 's casino worth more than Deauville's jw kingdom hall ...

    you lose money too ....but at least you know why !!

    and there is nice girls and good drinks !!.... ; )

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