BRAZIL - Watchtower - Sixteen religious entities concentrate 80% of church debts in taxes

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    This news came out today on one of the main news sites in Brazil. A list of churches that owe the most taxes in Brazil was released. As in other countries, in Brazil WT does not pay taxes, but is being charged for using this benefit as fraud, when importing material for the printing.

    Link in Portuguese:

    A group of 16 religious entities owes R$ 1.6 billion in taxes, according to a survey by the PGFN (Attorney General of the National Treasury) obtained by UOL through the Access to Information Law. The volume of debts represents 81% of all debts owed by 9,230 evangelical, Catholic, Spiritist and Islamic debtor institutions across the country....

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    Associação Torre de Vigia de Bíblias e Tratados = Watchtower Bible and Tract Society

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    Remember that part of the Gospel's where the Pharisees tried to trick Jesus by asking him if they should pay taxes? That is when Jesus replied -

    "Bring me coin. Who's image is on this coin? Caesar's? Well, you can tell Caesar that my people don't have to pay taxes because they have religious exemption."

    Oh, wait! That's not how it all went down.

    I remember when I was a young MS and applied to the Kingdom Ministry School. I was asked privately by 2 elders if I paid my taxes. I did. So, they said they would send my application on up. I was told that brothers who don't pay taxes cannot be given privileges.

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