Problems with the JW's noted for myself and others.

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    Below is just a list that I will continue to reference for myself while defending myself against the JW's when the time comes, which is pretty much every day. Nevertheless, if you would like to continue on with the list I have provided feel free, or if you would like to read it feel free as well! I will continue to post more as I learn more and or remember stuff I forgot to post originally and hope this can help anyone else that is feeling similar to me.

    1.Beards, get over it cry babies. Jesus had one, and it's a naturally occurring thing because God created us to have them. Annnnddddddd this is hush hush, but for most jobs people want you to not have a beard and be 'acceptable' in the job field. So wouldn't not having a beard make you fit in with the world and make you further indistinguishable with the 'worldy' people? This is such a stupid topic anyways, but just saying.

    2.End of the day trilogy (lol). False profits will arise saying look here and there and that's exactly what the JW's have been doing for over a hundred years. The world ends in 1914,1917,1925, blablabla. Sure the world may end some day, and still believing in the bible myself, but we don't know and can't know ie. thief in the night.

    3.Ruling just as the world does ie. Lording it over. The JW's act just like any other professional establishment (walmart, catholic church, etc.) and the rich are the elders and so is the governing body. The poor is the subjects and they have no say. Reference to the days when you had to 'pay' the catholic church to get into heaven (lmao).

    4.Suicide/mental illness. Every single time I study with the witnesses I become extremely suicidal and can't even complete daily tasks such as brushing my teeth. Soooo I would rather be homeless and alive instead of thinking how to kill myself every day and worrying I will not be forgiven.

    5.Cliques. Just like in the real world, in the kingdom halls there are cliques everywhere. You don't fit in, you're on the outside. You don't have enough money to go out to eat or drive somewhere, you are an outcast. You believe you should actually believe to be called on during a meeting while the elder in charge is giving service distrusts you, though has never had more than a 30 second conversation with you; ignored. You want to hangout with someone, they are busy 24/7 and don't have time for your measly presence. Don't forsake your gathering where everyone makes you feel like stepped on gum on the bottom of their shoes kids! :D

    6.Challenging ideology. Nobody can challenge anything whatsoever, they are right 100% unless the GB decides to make a change. They profess to be Jesus Christ basically, though have absolutely 0 contact with their professed god and make mistakes and corrections constantly ie. the light gets brighter. Nooooo, the bright would always be light you nimrods.

    7.Truth, NOT. They claim to be the only true religion because they are the only ones going door to door, use God's name; everyone else is doomed muahhahaa! Really.... Mormons go door to door still, despite it only being for a few years. The Catholics back during the medieval days and etc. were the ones who truly spread Christianity all across the world. Nice try JW's... There are many other 'Cults' that use the name Yahweh/Jehovah: House of Yahweh, 7th day Adventists, yadayada. The witnesses didn't even come about until the early 1900's and that leaves oh idk almost 2000 years of people of God abandoning them then?? I don't think so stupid ones.

    8.Only JW's saved when Jesus returns. Please piss off. So all the unborn babies and the mentally disabled killed during Armageddon won't have a chance. Ever heard of life for a life for an unborn baby being killed/injured in the womb? And if a god won't allow the mentally disabled to have a chance of an actual good life, then I don't want to worship that god anyways.

    9.Studying by yourself. Oh no! >:) If you read the bible by yourself you will come to all kinds of crazy conclusions like the trinity! Never believed in the trinity anyways... And God really provided a book that was only able to be studied in the past 70 years or so to come to a proper understanding... Nah I will pass bro, good try tho. Also, then why was the bible around for more than 1500 years and the Catholics were the ones deleting and adding what books they wanted to be in the bible...? Hmmmmmmm.

    10.Conditional Love. You make one mistake or disagree with one thing and that's it! Bag your sh*t up and gtfo you mofo apostate hypocrite.... I never was baptized for one. Second, if you have all these rules and stipulations and really could care less about my well being unless I am your slave (sounds like work in the 'world' lol), then I don't want to be loved by you anyways, but good on you sir! I would always love my children and take care of them no matter what if I ever had any. Third, my own blood family won't ever try and take care of me and neither would you? Lol, this religion is so much better than the world...not.

    11.Blood. Yes abstain from eating blood, it is sacred to God and carries a LOT of diseases. That's why you don't eat the liver of animals, hello! And you used to say organ transplanting was cannibalistic. Oh, that's why God made Eve with a rib of Adam (that had blood marrow where your blood is made, so evil tisk tisk). So gimme that blood transfusion if I need one please and ty baby!

    12.Research. Don't look anywhere but what the Watchtower organization puts out to learn correctly. Nah brah, imma keep looking and searching and seeing if I am in the true faith, irregardless where I get the information, so as to ensure I am not abandoned in Gehenna for eternity.

    Signed: Sincerely yours,

    A bible student for 10 years you tried to fk up in the head and literally imprison(never forgetting this but moving on to find a better path in my life to follow).

    And yes, 1+1 does = 2 no matter how much to try and twist and piss around with it. Just saying.

  • HereIgo

    Good points!, I'd like to add to the list:

    Unscriptural Disfellowshipping arrangement

    Lack of love

    Politics in order to move up in the congregation and obtain titles

  • prologos

    wow: you nailed it, but why do you still believe in the bible? the leatherbound deluxe edition? Not that there are not interesting passages in it, but so has Chaucer, shakespeare, Voltaire,Laplace, Kant. .

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