WT hires cult apologist for $21,000

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    This is not a new story but I don't recall seeing it posted before.


    Scroll down to Thursday March 27 and you will see this

    This brings us back to Dick Anthony.

    Last year Anthony made $21,000.00 consulting on one civil case alone, without even appearing in court.

    That case involved a wrongful death claim filed against Jehovah's Witnesses and a "Bethelite" (full-time ministry worker) named Jordon Johnson in Connecticut, by John J. Coughlin, Jr., Administrator of the Estate of his mother Frances S. Coughlin .

    Johnson killed Francis Coughlin in an automobile accident and was criminally convicted for manslaughter.

    The Coughlin family sued both Johnson and the organization that controlled him, the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, commonly called Jehovah's Witnesses.

    Dick Anthony was hired by the Watchtower Society as an "expert," to assist them in their defense. And in the process was deposed under oath on October 11, 2002.

    The man, who prides himself as a "scholar" and "academic" actually admitted that he hasn't worked within an institution of higher learning (i.e. a university or college) for more than twenty years.

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    In an unrelated story on the same page that was about Militia men:

    One California leader said, "We don't let in crazies and wackos." He then elaborated how the Chinese are scouting the West Coast for an invasion.

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