End of world preachers

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  • untruth
    When it comes to predicting when the world will end, false prophets/preachers always find a way to say that it's going to end sometime during their lifetime. Charles Russell, Joseph Rutherford, Fred Franz, Harold Camping, current gb members and so many others have done this. Why is it they never say something like "the world will end in eight hundred years according to the Bible"? If they did that they would end up with no followers. This is why the gb has to keep tweaking "new light" and come up with different explanations that make less and less sense regarding the end of the world. We know why people become JWs. Because the end of the world is coming during THEIR lifetime and paradise will be here.
  • schnell
    Ya know what's funny? Eventually one of them has got to be right.
  • schnell

    Part of me wants to write a sacred text on parchment and bury it in, like, Missouri somewhere for future religionists to dig up. Shucks, I won't even have to write it in my name.

  • Sanchy

    Total Truth from untruth :)

    I agree with you 100% I think doomsday cults take advantage of the natural fear we humans have of what tomorrow will bring. It seems to me that we humans naturally have the tendency to believe that "things were better in the past" and thus we assume things (in general) just perpetually continue to "get worst".

    Cult preachers usually tap into this fear by preaching their doomsday message. "The world is ending any day now, we know the secret to survive". That's why some of the biggest growth JWs have experienced happened in the years prior to 1925 and 1975, years JWs expected the end to come. Thing with JWs is that once you are in, it's hard to get out.

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