What strange things are taught at MTS?

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  • Londo111

    A few years before I woke up, a young man in my congregation went to Ministerial Training School. He began to speak about some of the things he had learned.

    One of the things mentioned was that of incubus or succubus, that is to say, sex demons. He went on to talk about an experience of a lady who lived in an old house. She was tired all the time because her sleep kept getting interrupted. It turned out to be a demon was harassing her while she was sleeping and she kept waking up. When they figured this out, they searched the house from top to bottom and in the attic they found hidden a Ouija board.

    This is the sort of stuff that the “Keep Yourself In God’s Love” book instructed JWs not to talk about, otherwise they might draw the demons. However, it seems at MTS school it was discussed overtly.

    I’m wondering for those who’ve attended MTS school, what bizarre things they taught that would not be mentioned at ordinary JW meetings?

  • wifibandit

    I have the MTS materials in Spanish.

    Escuela de Entrenamiento Ministerial

  • Londo111

    Is there an English translation of this?

  • baker

    They teach them to whisper "thank you" when receiving back a mic.


    I had an Ouija board for awhile.. I never could get the damn thing to work! A hot Succubus would be the most action that I've had in a long, long time... 😥

    DD 😈

  • mrquik

    A sex demon. Naah, never been called that.....

  • oldskool

    The sex demon urban legend rings a bell.

    I know a few that attended probably circa 2002/03. They never spoke of much, two things I remember:

    • One specifically said the experience show him how much he truly loved the Governing Body, I believe one of them taught for a portion of it.

    • The "miracle" of 1935, i.e. the appearance of the Jonadab class also labeled the other sheep, great crowd and those with an earthly hope. Again the GB member present impressed on them how miraculous the beginnings of the WTS org were. Of course, there was no miracle and was instead was the outcome of Rutherford's failed predictions.

    Personally, the experience both had gave me strong pause in the JW org. I imagined both students would get some sort of interesting/exciting assignment at the front lines of JWdom. Instead both were assigned to the same congregation about an hour from their old one, with only slightly less or similar attendance numbers.

    The assignment didn't line up with the image that there was exciting work going on all throughout the org. A decade and a half later I know the one guy is still pioneering at that hall, part time job, ect. What for??????

  • Robo Bobo
    Robo Bobo

    A demon did take the form of C.T. Russell and have relations with the unbelieving wife of an Australian brother:

    Brother Nicholson, of the Australian branch, writes us of an astounding circumstance. One of the Australian Brethren has a wife who is neither for nor against the truth, and who professes no sympathy for Spiritism. Quite recently the brother, returning to his home, had a harrowing tale related by his wife. She declared that Brother Russell had appeared to her. (Possibly she had seen his photograph.) She declared that he made improper proposals, to which she yielded.

    At such a distance it is easy enough to prove an alibi - to prove that the Editor was not there. But suppose the materialization in all of its particulars had transpired in Brooklyn, or in the Bethel home, or in any of the various cities which the Editor visits in the preaching of the gospel, or in a Pullman sleeping ear, in which he frequently travels - it is easily seen that such an alibi might be very difficult to prove in such cases. And what would be true in this respect of the Editor might be true in some respects of many of the pilgrim brethren: yea, true of all of the Lord's people everywhere.

    quoted from January 1911 WT


  • millie210

    Wow Robo Bobo, that was so "out there" to read in a religious themed publication.

    Even more interesting when you hear that this was still being mentioned at MS school nowadays.

    I was curious to see if this was a frequent topic in the publications but to my surprise you cant look at Watchtower volumes that are older?

    What is the point of a reference library then?

    This link is visible to one article but I couldnt access it.

    sex with demons: w87 9/1 4

  • oldskool

    Very interesting to see how letter written by a crackpot in 1911, and then republished by the WTS in the magazine, is still in circulation as an urban legend within the group.

    I still like the Jeopardy! NTW legend. Now that's a classic. I almost saw tears in a JWs eyes when I affirmed to him that it wasn't true. "But the brothers said they saw it, why would they lie to me?!?"

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