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  • Listener

    For those that are receiving messages of doom and gloom from JWs, they might like to remind them about obedience to their Organization and what they were told in the April, 2016 Watchtower which was studied only a few months ago, in August.

    These are some of the highlights-

    Although the Bible teaches that God’s adversary, Satan, has authority over political systems, it does not say that he directly controls each leader or official. (Luke 4:5, 6) We should therefore avoid implying that a particular official is controlled by the Devil. Instead, when dealing with “governments and authorities,” we “speak injuriously of no one.”Titus 3:1, 2.

    We obey God by never favoring any candidate or political party over another, regardless of whether they seem to support or oppose our interests

    Conversations. We must exercise caution when political issues are brought up. For example, when presenting the Kingdom message, avoid either praising or criticizing the policies of a political party or leader

    A third key to maintaining our neutrality is to gain strength from Jehovah. Pray for holy spirit, which can give you patience and self-control, qualities needed to cope with a government that may be corrupt or unjust.
    Jesus stayed completely separate from the political and social conflicts of the world.

    Let the elders know about the tests of neutrality that you may be facing, and ask for their mature, Bible-based counsel

    The following is the final comment in the article. You could mention to the JW who is accusing the Trump Government of potentially triggering Armageddon, how the Trump Government might potentially deal with JWs spreading these comments.

    As human governments near their end, we will not be surprised if they become less and less tolerant of our loyalty to Jehovah and his Kingdom. Thus, may we now strengthen our resolve to maintain our neutrality in a divided world.

  • StarTrekAngel

    Or remind them that they would be just as excited about the end being near if a liberal candidate would have won. They would be chanting about sexual perversion and abortion as a sign of the end.


    I thought anyone not a JW was under the power of Satan, no?

  • schnell
    Oh cool! Another prediction doomed to fail.
  • prologos

    The beauty of jw neutrality is that they can be neutral, until their favourite candidate starts showing winning numbers, then the cheer, internally

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