Prayerfully Considering or Seeing What Sticks

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  • scotoma

    Tony says the magical words “prayerfully considering”. What is “prayerful consideration”.

    Presumably, this has been done many times even when they have gotten things wrong. Do they

    have a Urim and Thummim method of knowing the correct interpretations? How can you

    “prayerfully consider” a question and still get it wrong. It sounds like they operate like any other

    human think tank except they pray between stages.


    Consider facts.


    Brainstorm (Actually speculate which is a privilege they reserve to themselves).

    Pray Again.



    Toss the Hail Mary instructions.

    Well, I’ve got a few more questions the Governing body might like to pray over.

    How could they make a statement like this:

    “The Soviet Union disbanded; Russia came up from the rubble of the Soviet Union, along with

    its allies

    And fail to associate it with the entity described at Rev 13:3

    And I saw one of its heads as though slaughtered to death, but its death stroke got healed and all
    the earth followed the wild beast with admiration. Vs 4b Who is like the wild beast and who can
    do battle with it? Vs 7 And there was granted it to wage war with the holy ones and conquer

    They have developed some rigid dogma that blinds them from making the connection. The

    teaching that Babylon the Great is “The World Empire of False Religion” is absolutely wrong.

    Daniel and Revelation deal with the time period right before the end. John said “By inspiration

    I came to be in the Lords day” (Rev 1:10) Daniel was told to “ make secret the words until the

    time of the end.” Daniel describes the final conflict as a battle between the King of the North

    and the King of the South. Revelation describes the final conflict as a battle between a Beast-

    King and Babylon the Great. Shouldn’t there be harmony between these two descriptions? There

    is perfect harmony. The king of the North is an extension of the Roman Empire (the feet of iron

    and clay - the Third Rome) while the king of the South is seen in Revelation as Babylon the

    Great the richest most powerful political entity known as the United States. The United States is

    the great consumer of the full stock of goods that keep the merchants of the world busy and rich. The

    United States exercises hegemony over the kings of the earth. She rides the Wild Beast just like

    the King of the South initiates the final battle by pushing (trying to control) the King of the


    So, body of Governors keep praying sincerely that you can get this straightened out . It isn’t hard to

    review Daniel and Revelation to see the parallels. Just think of who is doing what to whom.

    The 7th head is Russia which emerged from the the 6th or Roman Empire. Read your history of

    Rome 1 West – Rome 2 East Constantinople - Rome 3 North Russia mixed with 100


    Russia is the seventh and also the eight by virtue of it having the death stroke and resurrection.

    Russia is the Beast that appears as a Lamb when it comes out of the abyss or as Tony refers to it

    = The Rubble. Later it speaks like a fearsome dragon. "Who is like the wild beast and who can

    do battle with it. (Rev 13:4

    The ten horns that haven’t received a Kingdom are the former soviet territories. It doesn’t

    represent all the kingdom of the earth. If it did you couldn’t apply the statement “

    have not received a kingdom” Russia gives significance to it’s former republics in the Eurasian


    The king of the south disappears after the King of the North burns it with fire.

    Also Governors, you will have to forget about the UN. The real beast that was, but is not and re-

    emerges is Russia. You have deliberately mistranslated Revelation 17:11. Most translations

    translates “And the wild beast that was but is not, it is also itself an eighth king and ONE OF the

    seven. NOT “springs from” the seven as if it were a combine of earthly kings. The eighth king is

    indeed One of the Seven it is the Seventh King exercising authority as the eight king.

    Keep praying.

  • Xanthippe
    Presumably, this has been done many times even when they have gotten things wrong. Do they have a Urim and Thummim method of knowing the correct interpretations?
    They look into the liver. Not sure whose liver, probably a GB helper who has been disrepectful of their glorious position.
  • john.prestor

    Probably Mark Sanderson's, it's the biggest

  • mikeflood

    And the King of the South is well....because is's Venezuela! ....and this is it....😀

  • scotoma


    I know that you are using humor to say that you can interpret these things any way you want and with only the slightest connection to ANY reality.

    But, many people might actually believe that is a possibility. Some hear the word "North" in North Korea and figure that since Kimmy has some nuclear weapons that he is the King of The North. Other's have said it's Islam or Isis" Many say it's China. These people are serious about their ad hoc geopolitical constructions.

    One of the most important concepts when trying to assign an identity to a character in a prophetic set is the degree of significance. Russia and the United States clear the field of any other possibility.

    Here is what is significant about them.

    1. Russia and the United States have the largest number of deliverable nuclear weapons.

    2. United States is a economic, and military hegemon. Russia is treated as the US main competitor for position of dominance.

    3. United States clearly wants to prevent Russia from becoming a successful economic force.

    4. United States expansion of Nato to countries that were formerly allies of Russia.

  • smiddy3

    I sincerely believe the Bible is an instrument that you can play any tune on to suit your own particular beliefs.

    I know this is not original but it is a tune I subscribe to .

  • scotoma

    The post below was written 4 years ago. It has some interesting connections with the latest interpretations being provided by the Watchtower.

  • Bobcat

    Hi scotoma,

    One of the things that has helped me was ditching the WT's interpretive rendering and take on Rev 1:10. The rendering that you quoted moves the verb from its original position in the greek text. If you look in an interlinear you will see that what John "came to be" was "inspired" (literally, "in the spirit"). It was "on the Lord's day" when this took place. Rev 4:2 has a structure very similar to Rev 1:10. The NWT renders Rev 4:2 as the greek text has it. But they alter Rev 1:10 to fit their theological understanding, which is based on their 1914 chronology.

    The effect of the WT's rendering is to compress all of the prophecy in Revelation into a much smaller time frame. Imagine taking a digital picture and resizing the width only to a much smaller size. It would create a very distorted image. We had a poster named ex-gilead-missionary (not sure if I got that exactly right) who posted about this a few years ago.

    At any rate, here is a little gift for you for your years of effort.

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