Youtube video: Amazing Sermon ....Love Identifies The True Christian Congregation

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    I just came across a video on in yellow is what was written about this video.I could only watch the first couple of minutes!.Bring out your puke bags or hit yourself in the head with a hammer after reading this grand,blown out of proportion discription of this talk! If someone can imbed this video I would appreciate it!

    Published on Feb 15, 2014

    In this lecture here "Love Identifies the True Christian Congregation", a dynamic and wise Christian elder discusses the Gospel of John, Christian love and unity, the Book of Acts, 1st Corinthians, Philippians, the first-century true Christian Congregation, and the New Covenant witnesses of the Most High today. Real Biblical followers of the Lord Jesus Christ, in these end-times.

    This sermon is really informative, thought-provoking, inspiring, encouraging, motivating, invigorating, witty, articulate, wise, as well as very Biblical and very spiritual.

    Going into just what is the true identifying mark of real Biblical New Covenant Christians, especially in this "time of the end"..... John 13.34-35 answers that question.

    This Talk gives some good proof that the Christian group known as "Jehovah's Witnesses" are indeed the Lord's true witnesses, and are truly "NO PART OF THE WORLD", as the Lord commanded His true followers to be, and are bonded by Christian love and joy and faith, especially in these "last days".

  • steve2
    Do you have the link to this video?
  • Listener
    I wonder if the speaker understands that according to their doctrine, the true Christian congregation and the New Covenant Christians are only made up of the anointed.

    Can someone imbed this video?

  • The Searcher

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