The world is about to come to its end and what does the Watchtower do?

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  • Crazyguy

    They buy a hotel! Yep in 1975 when the world was about to come to its end the Borg buys the Brooklyn hotel for 2 million dollars. This information has come out now do to the fact they have put up this property for sale. So while most at Bethel thought and were being told the world was going to end others new better and were investing in real estate .

  • dubstepped

    Weren't others encouraged to sell homes and simplify back then? I wasn't alive then, but have seen evidence of extreme pressure on the rank and file to leave their material things. So hypocritical.

  • DJS


    I think we can credit (blame?) the influence Prince had on the Dark Lords. They are partying like it's 1999.

  • oldskool

    From what I understand, the mindset within the organization has always been that WTS owned property would make it through Armageddon. A somewhat pointless belief, given that an omnipotent Jehovah could keep any structure he wanted to remain for his people.

    Nevertheless, The feeling that what the JWs 'own' would make it through no doubt was always the internal fallback for why it was ok to keep purchasing and building. A move they greatly benefit them now, given how common it is for the worlds billionaires and millionaires to safeguard their money in an ever growing NYC real estate boom.


    Can we get a side by side comparison of the "sell your property/last remaining months..", and the document showing the purchase?


  • Lieu

    Odd how leaked RC videos show a couple selling their house to downsize as the HQ moves in a modern and larger housing direction.

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