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  • HappyBlessedFree

    So I was doing some research on the Russell’s origin which we all know is Advetism. I live close to the Mecca of Advetists and wanted to learn more about them. Wow is it interesting! So I came across this . . . sound familiar?

    This is from a brochure called “The truth about the Adventist truth”

    The way early Adventist leaders dealt with known error seems to be the template the church has used and continues to use to this day:

     Suppress the early errors.

     Do not respond to those who point out the errors.

     Never admit to the errors.

     Cast out all who expose the errors.

     Tell Adventist members they will be deceived by Satan if they read the writings of those who point out the errors of


     Tell Adventist members they will lose their salvation if they reject the writings of Ellen White and leave Adventism.

  • Finkelstein

    Yes there is similarities with the SDA and JWS, they both proclaim that criticizing the established doctrines created by the past originators of those doctrines are expressively evil instigated and inspired by Satan.

  • blondie

    Actually, Russell was influenced by Second Adventists beliefs which are substantially different from SDA.

  • Expanded-Mind

    Hi! I believe this is the same document mentioned. Its full title is "The Truth About Seventh-day Adventist 'Truth,'" and I am posting the link to it. The author is a former Seventh-day Adventist named Dale Ratzlaff, who left their group sometime in the 1980's.


  • barry

    I'm an ex Adventist born in, now an Anglican. I would say the items in the book by Dale Razcliff have not been used in my lifetime to discipline members.

    I can agree with some of Dale's theology but I believe he overstepped with saying the church uses those tactics today. There are theological issues I would have a problem with and had a problem with when I was a member and I can say I wasn't backward in expressing those opinions such as Historicism the belief in the day =year and the historical implications. Also the investigative judgment issue the only SDA contribution to theology.

    I have raised these issues many time in church bible study meetings and have never been disciplined. I do respect the SDAs for there tolerance but then there are many divisions and it would be impossible to control such a diverse range of opinions.

    Some Advents don't believe the trinity and support ministries that agree with there stands on this , There is a group which are perfectionists called the LGT [last generation theology ] which I believe the president of the General conference is a member, There is the Concerned brethren group who which believe in going to war and retain many of the original doctrines, the liberals in the SDAs believe in womens ordination and don't believe in going to war, many are evangelicals and believe very much the same as evangelicals as in other denominations.

    My list could go on but is an example of the large tent of SDA opinions .

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