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  • geevee

    HI All, whilst I have been a member of this forum since 2004, I have slowed down in my visits and comments.

    I have called in to ask if there has been any discussion on the "loud fence" campaign that is to be seen vividly around our home town of Ballarat Victoria Australia? There are many Catholic Institutions around this town that have had ribbons of many colors looped onto their fences in support and acknowledgment of Child rape/abuse and also as survivors. This seems like a way to show support to them and their families, perhaps lighten the negative energy that overawes the institution and at least allows the survivors to know that the community support them, even though what has happened can't be changed, perhaps and surely as a community we can do better, be more vigilant.

    So... my question is related to this. Have or does anyone think that this is something and someway we as former [mostly] members of the jw's could show our support to those victims/survivors of our titanic?

    Thank you...

  • wozza
    Sorry I can't see any progress towards helping the abused ,iff you watched the ARC with the Society you may agree with me. If you have had anything to do with Sydney bethel over matters such as these there is only a desert of fellow feeling and decency there with them being in total denial.
  • geevee

    I think that you have missed the point. We don't give a continental about sydney bethel, but it does say something to the community and to anyone considering them as an option. It also highlights the issue to the community in general as the dubz seem to always come off trying to look squeaky clean.

    The survivors of this kind of abuse need to know that there are some who are on their side!

    Bethel [house of god..what a joke] can do as they like...

  • JWdaughter
    I say make the fences around the KH's "loud" and see how the R&F respond to it. Or how long it lasts.
  • Skedaddle
    I think it's a beautiful idea. I would physically support this if I wasn't living abroad at the moment. Maybe you can lead the way and pop it on youtube for others to follow and catch-on. I know John Cedars on youtube did a memorial last year but it was for all people who had been harmed by watchtower. I think he did it on July 26th. He laminated posters and stuck them on the railings of a few kingdom halls. But something more eyecatching like balloons or ribbons might work well with a note on. The JW's will rip them off though, I'm sure. Maybe you should post on exJWreddit also. Maybe you can send a message to the youtubers and leave a message on the comments to bring attention. Good luck with this. I wish I wasn't stuck in a country that has no Jdub halls at the moment or I would be out doing bits and bobs like this.
  • geevee

    We did it! On the fence of the hall we used to go to.....

  • Listener

    That's an excellent initiative GeeVee. I'm in Western Australia and haven't heard anything about it. Coloured ribbons on a Kingdom Hall wouldn't mean anything if the public didn't know the significance behind it. Given the publicity in your hometown, it's a fantastic idea.

    This will be really embarrassing for JWs. They won't know who's put them there but because it's not an initiative directed by the Watchtower they'll have to remove them, therefore demonstrating that they are showing a lack of support to those abused. That may just help to wake up some sleeping JWs.

  • jaydee

    Yes hi there geevee....

    I would like to know how long they last there for ...?

    probably only until the morning, as the caretaker will take them down...

  • geevee

    HI All, yes we did it, and yes they probably won't last long. But hey...it does say something locally and the poor sap who has to get them off would realize it, even though they will say it is satan's agents fomenting persecution and it is time to lift up the heads blah blah blah.....

    We know we did it, and may even take another run with more helpers, ribbons and even press! we will see, but thanks for the interest.

  • geevee

    Well the ribbons lasted for 3/4 of a day, then some suit cut them off! No surprises there really, shows the depth of compassion that this lot have for "victims/survivors of child rape.

    Here is a link to the local campaign : https://www.facebook.com/loudfence/ this explains the concept and how well it is received. Interesting that the catholic church ARE prepared to leave the ribbons up and the jo hoes cut them off and they are supposed to be god's chosen ones!

    We will try again, next time more ribbons and more helpers!

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