Jehovah allowing this Russia to happen?

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  • pontoon

    So the brother that works in my office was talking about this Russia thing, how Jeh is "ALLOWING" it to happen, how every witness is writing a letter to ALL SIX officials and not just to two or three, so my question was if that is true "aren't all you witnesses working against Jehovah---he must have his reasons for allowing it to happen."

    Back to work but I'm sure Monday he'll have an answer like what a great witness it is or how it gives every other witness a chance to demonstrate their faith (by writing letters). I'll have an answer ready for him just for fun.

    I'm sure Watchtower just LOVES stuff like this Russia business. It's a rallying cry.

    It reminds me of when we were building Newburgh Assembly Hall and the project caught fire, numerous fire companies responded and the brand new hall suffered very bad smoke damage. The spin on that was it was God who allowed it to happen----- what a great witness it was to the neighborhood, firemen, responders, take on it was couldn't the Almighty God of the Universe find another way to cause a great witness other than letting our brand new almost done assembly catch fire??

  • truth_b_known

    You should have asked:

    "When the first century Christians were being persecuted by the Roman government, did they write letters to the Roman Emperor? What's next - asking the brothers to vote for politicians who favor the organization?"

  • smiddy

    Why dont they just practise what they preach ?


  • Bobcat

    I had expressed a similar thought to someone. When other branch offices were closed the Society said it was all part of God's forward moving chariot and we simply needed to keep pace with it.

    So how do you know this isn't the same thing? Or maybe God knows that Petersburg (where the branch is) is about to get nuked or fall to some other calamity and God is getting them out of there. And here you are trying to prevent it. Shouldn't you just do what 1Tim 2:1-2 says (pray about it) and then leave it in God's hands, like Jesus did ("let not my will take place, but yours")?

    Anyways, I think some JWs would be surprised by how many JWs are not writing.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    testing... Is this thing on?

  • lusitano o tuga
    lusitano o tuga

    If Russia ban Jw, so God , so God...

    If Jehovah's Witnesses are not banished from Russia, then God heard the prayers of Jehovah's 8 million witnesses as well as blessed the faith with works (if works are the sent letters)

    But if they are banned it is irrefutable proof that God does not hear prayers, at least not from the Watchtower people.

    There are no excuses, no forged explanations of GB

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