Rose Marie and Jerry Van Dyke

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  • glenster


    Rose Marie
    August 15, 1923 to Dec.28, 2017)

    Jerry Van Dyke
    July 27, 1931 to Jan.5, 2018)

    "The Dick Van Dyke Show Full Episodes S05E21 Dear Sally Rogers" by The Dick
    Van Dyke Show Full Episodes

    "The Dick Van Dyke Show s01e29 The Sleeping Brother" by Simon Pedroza

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    glenster thank you for bringing this out. I use to love watching the Dick Van Dyke show when I was a kid. Sally was always the funny sarcastic person on the show. Dick's brother Jerry was also a very funny guy. I can't remember but I think he was on 2 episodes of the Dick Van Dyke show. He played a person with a sleeping problem. Sorry to see them both go. RIP. Still Totally ADD

  • ttdtt

    I loved watching that show when I was a kid. I am glad she lived a long life.
    Every week someone important form my childhood is passing away, very very depressing.

    The fuse is burning quickly.

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