Is true religion all about being serious?

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  • venus

    Amidst of many barriers such as no birthday celebration, no blood transfusion, no voting, no political career, no military service, no national anthem, no higher studies ….. I felt handicapped. Isn’t seriousness of the ego and joyfulness of egolessness? Isn’t true religion all about a celebration of life? (Luke 12:27)

  • Ding

    In contrast, the WT religion is all about serving the borg.

  • Finkelstein

    Isn’t true religion all about a celebration of life?

    Nope its about controlling life or human social behavior for better or worse.

    The reality is all religions have been founded by lies or an organized constructed agreement toward lies, propagated and influenced by human ignorance.

  • flipper

    What Finkelstein said. I totally agree

  • scratchme1010

    Is true religion all about being serious?

    I wouldn't say that, but it's certainly not about freedom or spontaneity. Organized religion tries to control the way people live and makes decision. Christian religions are based on the premise that all humans are not supposed to even be alive and that "God" lets us live even though we don't deserve it. From that premise is that they then start ruling people's lives claiming that it's all to please the god that they claim had mercy on our worthless lives.

  • Finkelstein

    Any religious organization that says higher education is a waste of human effort, is against humanity in its endeavor to save human life or improve the health and well being of the living.

    For example where would many JWS and the GB men be today if it wasn't for higher education in the medical health field ?

    Answer = Dead or near death

    ....... the apathetic hypocrisy can be seen when one these individuals ends up at hospital seeking medical help by people who did seek higher education.

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