Check out the web page I made for my sis.

by jelly 6 Replies latest jw friends

  • jelly

    This is just a rough draft, I know I have some spelling errors in there. But what do you guys think? Any constructive criticism would be gladly accepted.


  • yxl1

    She's a clever bean isnt she?. Nice site though, but too many popups IMO

  • jelly

    Yes, the popups suck. I cant controll them however because they are the price of 'free' web hosting. Once the sites finalized it will be hosted on the schools servers so no popups then. Thanks for the feedback.


  • Hamas

    Yes, thats great !!!

    Fast loading also, which is good. Most people have pop up stoppers; I didn't get plgued by them.

    Good job !

  • StinkyPantz

    Aside from the spelling errors, not bad!

  • wednesday

    I got "froze" when the pop up came up, and had to shut down aol and restart. I never did see the page, just the pop up. I don't think i'll try that again

  • Euphemism

    Good work, just a couple of graphics comments.

    Am I the only one who thinks that the picture on the left is kinda scrunched? You might want to double-check that you have it at the correct size.

    Also, IMHO, the Sacramento University logo looks rather out of place, and too crowded to be reduced so small. Could you use a different logo, move it to a different place on the page, or something of the sort? Just IMHO, I think it would help.

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