"Freeness of speech"

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  • Ucantnome
    As a witness I would have agreed with him, probably.
  • eyeuse2badub

    Absolutely hypocritically amazing how the wtbts brags about their 100's of court case victories regarding 'freedom of religion' and/or 'freedom of speech'. Have you ever tried exercising 'freedom of religion or speech' within the wtbts?

    Didn't think so!

    just saying!


  • blondie

    No speaking against anyone one in the congregation. How many parents and children were told this by elders protecting pedophiles.

    *** w09 8/1 p. 26 Jehovah Values Meekness ***

    close to Jehovah God? On the contrary, Jehovah values meekness in his worshippers. This is evident from the account found in Numbers chapter 12. The setting is the wilderness of Sinai, following Israel’s deliverance from Egypt.

    Miriam and Aaron, the older siblings of Moses, “began to speak against” their younger brother. (Verse 1) Rather than just speaking to Moses, they spoke against him, likely spreading their complaints in the camp. Miriam, who is mentioned first, apparently took the lead. The first ground for the murmuring was that Moses had married a Cushite woman. Was Miriam jealous that she might be eclipsed by this other woman—a non-Israelite at that?

    The roots of the grumbling went deeper. Miriam and Aaron kept saying: “Is it just by Moses alone that Jehovah has spoken? Is it not by us also that he has spoken?” (Verse 2) Was the real motive for the murmuring a desire for more power and recognition?

    In the account, Moses did not answer the complaints himself. Evidently, he quietly endured the abuse. His patient response affirmed the Bible’s description of him as “the meekest of all the men” on the earth. (Verse 3) Moses did not have to defend himself. Jehovah was listening, and he stood up for Moses.

    Jehovah took the murmuring personally. After all, he had appointed Moses. Rebuking the murmurers, God reminded them that he had a unique relationship with Moses: “Mouth to mouth I speak to him.” Jehovah then asked Miriam and Aaron: “Why, then, did you not fear to speak against . . . Moses?” (Verse 8) By speaking against Moses, they were really guilty of speaking against God. For such gross disrespect, they would feel the heat of divine anger.

    Miriam, the apparent instigator, was stricken with leprosy. Aaron immediately implored Moses to intercede for her. Just imagine—Miriam’s welfare now depended on the intercession of the one they had wronged! Moses meekly did as he was asked. Speaking for the first time in this account, Moses earnestly entreated Jehovah in behalf of his sister. Miriam was healed, but she had to endure the shame of a seven-day period of quarantine.

  • Vidiot

    @ eyeuse2badub...

    One of my little wake-up moments was realizing that even though the WTS supposedly championed "free speech" in the courts, they did not practice or tolerate said freedom internally.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    The ''hypocrisy'' of the freeness of speech. By speaking one's mind, you can easily find yourself meeting with a JC and subjecting yourself to shunning.

    ''Freeness of speech'', nothing could be further from the truth.

  • Ucantnome

    'It is my eager expectation and hope that I will not be put shame in any way but that by my speaking with all boldness, Christ will be exalted now as always in my body.' (NRSV)

    Isn't the freeness of speech related to Paul's wanting to glorify Christ through his whole life/body and living ones live in 'a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ' and so by doing having a boldness of speaking?

  • careful

    I left before the emphasis on strict standardization became the norm, before that directive on closely adhering to the public talk outlines. I was speaker coordinator and scheduled myself to speak out in places where the bros. knew I added interesting material to the outline and I scheduled bros. into our congo who I knew worked up a lot of their own research. In both cases the publishers clearly appreciated it. I both had many people come up to me afterward with positive comments about my own material and I witnessed publishers at my home congo do the same to bros. who did likewise. Such ones were more apt to be invited out to eat too, or I'd get requests to invite them back. But I know what has happened since with the GB and their lackeys being obsessed with controlling every bit of everything. FEAR is the power structure's motivation for all things: "we must be in control!"

    We used to have several musician bros. to who would play piano or other instruments during the songs at meetings. Again the congregation loved it, singing more from the heart, but those went by the wayside too with those generic recordings. The GB and their lackeys are absolutely set on making everything generic (boring) and lacking in any semblance of originality. Hence the plummeting in real interest and, now, in results from the ministry! DUHHH.

  • Wonderment

    Vidiot: "One of my little wake-up moments was realizing that even though the WTS supposedly championed "free speech" in the courts, they did not practice or tolerate said freedom internally."

    Well put!

  • Wonderment
    The Searcher: "‘Even Thomas doubted the Lord.’

    Not only Thomas - Matthew 28:17 - ‘When they saw, him they did obeisance, but some doubted.’"

    To "doubt" is human.
  • stirred but not shaken
    stirred but not shaken

    There is always one or two bros. sitting near the speaker at District (now Regional) Conventions, who are assigned to make sure the "model" is followed. You will be reminded that if you get a note from the Chairman's Office delivered to you while speaking, you are to exit the stage. While that almost never happens, it is intimidating. Bethel Brothers are given much more freedom depending on their position there in Brooklyn.

    Those assigned brothers would go bonkers if Fred Franz reappeared.

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