Brothers Not Traveling With Sisters, Etc.

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  • HiddlesWife

    I've noticed within the past 2-3 decades that brothers have not traveled to various destinations with sisters and/or families.

    Myself with my own 2 sisters (bio/spiritual), 3 cousins, and 4-5 friends usually travel once a year during the spring and summer months to a number of places, whether it be via bus, train or plane. The travel groups [there are 3 which are commandeered by some older sisters and their own bio sisters, daughters, and granddaughters plus a niece or two)] which total about 30-40 persons travel regularly during these times of the year. Although there are a great amount of females on these trips, there are hardly any adult males in attendance; the only males who are seated with the group range from age 5 to 12 approximately--these young boys are 2-6 in total--and once they reach high school age, that number dwindles from 1-0!

    After witnessing this pattern, I asked my two male cousins who are in the org and three other brothers, whom are close to my family. They all expressed, in their own words, that "brothers are not interested in shopping or going to a lot of places that sisters like/fancy to go/see". I became confused by those words--especially since I see groups of MEN and BOYS in so many other groups (no doubt NON-DUBS) travelling and having a great time/fun with females (no matter what age range) in their riding parties. {Hell, my above-listed family and friends spoke about a large car group of people, which we saw during a recent trip--racially mixed with men and women, children plus pets--shopping, dining and having a great ole' time!} We all could not believe it!

    I asked the sisters who were the trip leaders about this. They commented that "a number of brothers act like, unless they are getting married to a sister, they won't want to be in the company of other ones" and "Some brothers feel more comfortable associating with other brothers. They think that sisters are not interested in basketball games, pool, certain movies and the like. So, they decline when I ask them to go on my trips!".

    Furthermore--if I could add to this topic--I attended a year and half ago a formal. This event was given by three married sisters. The invitees in attendance was mostly female and very, very few males (ratio: 90% female - 10% male). The males there were the marriage mates of the hostesses and their daughters plus nieces and a toddler or two. As usual, the majority of women (mainly sisters) who could dance, danced with one another.

    Again, what is going on here with the org? Mysogyny--or are some of these men involved in things, which on the other hand get them in a whole $%^* load of trouble in private while the women are globetrotting? (Sorry for my rant again) Oi vey!!!!!

  • No Apologies
    No Apologies

    Most JWs, male and female, are very deficient socially. They are trapped in a very suppressive, regulated group that stunts their mental and psychological development. The org treats them like children. This leads to odd types of behavior, and what you describe is an example of this. My two cents...

  • HiddlesWife

    Thank you No Apologies for your response. I agree with you wholeheartedly re: those in the org being very deficient socially. In conjunction with your comment, here's a couple of other points:

    During the above formal I attended a while back, there was a brother who was a comedian who performed on stage at that venue. While his jokes and pantomimes were funny and clean, there was very little laughter heard--in fact, from the over 100 folks who attended! The only ones I noticed who laughed, besides myself, my sisters and my cousins,were the hostesses and their family members. This was so noticeable that the brother himself ended his routine by commenting that "laughter was created by Jehovah for mankind to enjoy themselves. We, as His people, should take advantage of this emotion and enjoy ourselves, too"; he walked off the stage shaking his head in disbelief (also bro-ham did not stay long at this event). Talk about a tough audience!

    Secondly, on a couple of bus trips given by a married couple from my cousin's former congregation, which I traveled on about over 12 years ago, there was a concert scheduled on the itinerary for the group to attend. The music was a variety of genres, particularly jazz, pop, plus R&B. You know, the majority of the group just sat there--zombie-ish/no movement at all--while the music was played! Myself in addition to my family members, and around less than 10 other brothers and sisters snapped our fingers and 'bopped and danced ourselves to the groove', enjoying the performance. Again, talk about another tough audience!

    In agreement with another point from your comment: These ones are mentally and psychologically stunted to the degree whereby they can't (and/or don't) enjoy music--a gift from Jah Himself! What a shame!

  • FedUpJW

    I see groups of MEN and BOYS in so many other groups (no doubt NON-DUBS) travelling and having a great time/fun with females (no matter what age range) in their riding parties

    That's because they enjoy the company of PEOPLE. JW's on the other hand look at each other and everyone else as objects for sexual acts. And seeings they are conditioned to believe that sex is dirty, and that that is the ONLY reason for a male and female to have anything to do with one another they naturally segregate themselves, and then look for "reasons" to try to salve their guilt over denying that normal desire for human socialization.

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