Signing petitions in other countries or writing to other countries inquires.

by John Davis 3 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • John Davis
    John Davis

    I am seeing this petition and call for people to write to the IICSA so that they will investigate Watchtower. I think that this part is good if the person who signs the petition or writes the letter is a citizen or a resident of that country. I have a problem when people who are citizens or residents of other countries do this when they write into an inquiry like the ARC or sign petitions. The government that is looking into this answers to their citizens, not to other people around the world, and they should only listen to their own citizens. I had just the same issue when Watchtower had JWs from around the world write into Russian Government Officials during their campaign, each country needs to only listen to their citizens and people should not attempt to influence other countries governments.

  • sparrowdown

    All well and good JD, trouble is, WT influences citizens from countries other than America. WT tries to influence Governments from countries other than America. If WT kept their cult business franchise within their own borders maybe WT wouldn't need to be investigated or banned in countries other than America and there would be no petition to sign or letters to other countries to write.

  • exjwlemming

    If given the chance, I will encourage any country to investigate WT. I hardly believe that the US government would ever take the WTS seriously and look into the organization. The only hope that we have in the US is to tax them into oblivion. The US federal government has "bigger fish to fry." This circus of the Trump administration should keep everyone occupied and distracted for quite awhile.

  • steve2

    But....but...I'm a citizen of the I feel sad...not good...

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