Suggestion: Show interactions with a specific poster.

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  • nicolaou

    Would this be possible Simon? Perhaps a link below the members username or avatar to display a list of topics you have in common.

  • Simon

    Hmmn, it's definitely "possible" because the data is there, it just needs to be indexed and presented in a specific way but I wonder what the purpose of it would be. Many times you may have commented on the same topic but haven't really "interacted" directly as-such.

    So what would the use-case be? i.e. "I want to see just the topics that both me and another poster have contributed to so that ... [some value statement]"

    Would it be often-used or would a specific occasional "advanced search" option be sufficient?

    If / when I build in the link of quotes to the original post, it will make "interaction" more definite. I guess the other interaction (also more direct than just sharing a topic) is the likes / dislikes and whether certain posters share some patterns there.

    This is similar in many ways to problems such as Netflex movie recommendations where, judging by what movies you like, it recommends movies you might like based on other people's similar selections.

  • DJS

    If stalkers can use it I'm screwed.

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