Paul Marshall, exJW: "The are more concerned about gay men than pedophiles"

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    Paul Marshall, an Britton exJW speaks out for, including a video in English.

    Google Translate:

    Paul Marshall's mother was cleaning the dishes when he, with 9 years, asked what was a "homosexual". He wanted to know because it came with regional concentrations of Jehovah's Witnesses that were held in southern England and there was much talk about this sexual orientation. His mother replied, "They are people very sick, stay away from them." Paul soon crossed the street with a man who was in a wheelchair and believed he had seen a gay for the first time.

    When did you solved the misunderstanding? Later my friends explained to me that being gay meant you liked boys.

    -¿Le Liked? He'd always been attracted by some boys in the class. Never for girls. was still nothing sexual, just one liked me and the other not. But I had not the courage to accept it. I married at age 17 with a woman named by the congregation.

    Did it work? The way I wanted. We even had a son. But it was not happy. Without being authentic I ended up depressed and finally, after four years of marriage, I had to tell the truth to my wife.

    Was it hard? It was a horrible conversation. We kept the phone. I said, "I think I'm gay." She did not answer and I let go of everything: "No, the truth is that I know I'm gay."

    How did the congregation react? There was a trial and one of the elders told me that the last man who had heard him say something like that was over flying brains with a gun. I do not think I said to give me ideas but to warn me that, in his view, was condemning me.

    -¿Se Felt finally released? It was not that simple. At first I thought it was finished. I felt scared, anxious at the prospect of it was true that the devil had possessed me. Needed to completely rebuild my way of relating with the world.

    -¿Seguía Believing the same? To clear yes principle. Jump from the congregation involved also accept the possibility that I stay out of paradise to die. That was the worst, learn to live with that.

    How long did you? Very much. At first I chose to do the opposite of what he had done before: a lot of sex and a lot of drugs. He was not good. Little by little I quieting, but it's hard to forget the things they taught you to believe. When the Twin Towers collapsed in 2001, I remember perfectly that I was afraid he was coming Armageddon.

    -¿Los Jehovah 's Witnesses are openly homophobic? His actions demonstrate that they are, because they exclude jhomosexuales. Although publicly they are even able to deny it. They are obsessed with homosexuality. Now I realize that worry them much more than gay men pedophiles.

    -Cuesta To believe ... I know of cases of pedophiles that have been hidden by the organization. And I know that child abuse is a serious problem for them. It is also because there are many gay men who behave wretchedly because of repression.

    What would you say to homosexuals still hiding their orientation to be part of this creed? That prevents any fundamentalism listen to themselves and that's the most dangerous. To forget about everything the organization has told them is wrong and verify it personally, because by doing so they will find the answers they are seeking. Do not be afraid, there is a place full of light and love outside world, that there is no end black with threatening them not to follow your heart.

  • Vidiot

    Paul Marshall, exJW - "The are more concerned about gay men than pedophiles..."

    'Course they are.

    Considering how much we've heard about the alleged "gay underground" at Bethel, is this really so surprising?


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