Song Book changes and new light?

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  • kairos

    I was just thinking, did new song books precede periods of JW doctrinal changes?

    The latest songbook ( 2009 ) came out just before the maniacal rebranding of Watchtower into JW.'org.

    What about previous generations? ( not overlapping )
    When the last songbook ( 1984 ) arrived on the world scene ( I want this to sound dubby ) did it come before new and exciting revelations from the slave, that won't actually be appointed until after the great tribulation and not until they study the Feb 2017 WT, are not inspired...

  • btlc

    Idk, but I always smiled when we sing from "Sing Praises..." (1984) song No. 27 refrain:

    Fear not those who kill the body

    but cannot destroy the soul...

    That song was usually before the talk which claims the opposite :)

  • scratchme1010

    ...did it come before new and exciting revelations from the slave...

    No, the change back then became out of legal problems because in the previous songs they plagiarized music that didn't belong to them. That illegally changed the Lyrics of music that was copyrighted. Those were the songs they eliminated, and new music was added.

    The only change that I remember back then around that time that was announced as the so-called "new light" was that they changed from pricing the magazines to letting people contribute what they wanted.

    Just one side note, the actual active JWs are the real slaves.

  • BluesBrother

    They seem to have a constant need for change . Many of the songs have had seemingly unnecessary word and melody changes and this really annoys the old timers who had the old ones deep in their consciousness - and loved them.

    The church has had old hymns for centuries despite Bible updates - so what?

    Songs mean something to people, and they don't like having them murdered... Is this David Spane's hobby? I don't know.. I only know that I am no longer the only one who does not sing!

  • kairos

    I believe the music is more important than we can imagine.
    People like singing and hearing music.

    I you take that from them, not only will they be upset, but I believe that the relearning the songs leaves them confused and subdued for fear of singing in error in front of everyone.

    This sets the stage for doctrinal change. What's one more little 'adjustment', right? Unfamiliar songs leave one discouraged and deflated, as their confidence and self esteem are lessened.

    By the time you figure it out, in my case, many years have passed.

    Think about this: If god is leading this, why does the music suck?


    Part of my awakening was because of all of the CHANGE.
    If we have the truth, why change it?

    Then there is the dumbing down of all the other things.
    The content of the literature is pathetic.

    It's embarrassing to review older WT mags and books and think that we thought this was not only scholarly work, but spirit directed. Yikes!

  • Londo111

    The 2009 songbook had an obscene picture on the back or else bad art that could be construed as obscene. They had to change the picture for newer editions.

    I suspect the new gray songbook is to rectify this problem altogether.

    And I also suspect that David Splane fancies himself a scholar and a composer. Now he has a playground to introduce whatever brainchild or composition he comes up with.

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