I can't say that I'm surprised!

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  • CC Ryder
    CC Ryder

    Tink and I just came back from a weekend in the town we lived in where we got DA'ed. We were getting ready to leave for home yesterday afternoon and her younger brother (not a JW) called to talk to Tink with some "news" he heard. He found out that the Elder who spearheaded our ordeal with the JDC during our inquisition, has been having an affair with a sister in the Cong we used to attend, for the past two years. He "stepped down" as an elder. This sister was also having an affair with another brother at the same time. She is still married, has children, and her husband had served at Bethel for many years and is no longer a JW. The dub's consider him to be apostate(Good for him). Evidently this all blew up in their faces and the brother ended up getting DF'ed. As far as we know, the "sister" was not DF'ed nor was the Elder. To top it off, this "sister" has had at least two other affairs and has been caught flirting and talking over the phone with married brothers in the cong and has never been DF'ed. The Elder who stepped down, had made serious passes at my sister while visiting my father in the hospital last year. My sister faded out years ago, but occasionally attended meetings with my father when she first moved to TN. I talked to her yesterday and told her the news and she said, "I'm not surprised, he was trying to hit on me more than once". He was rubbing her back while my father was sleeping in his hospital bed and they were the only ones visiting at the time. He was coming on strong to her and she pushed off and asked him to leave. She never told my Dad what happened.

    When I hear crap like this the first emotion that overtakes me is anger, but after a while I come to the same conclusion as my sister did when I told her, and that's that I can't say that I'm surprised. Back in CT, while I was going through a divorce, we had nine cases of adultry in one year that involved two elders, three pioneers, two ministerial servants and a few regular pub's. Tink has told me that she new of many more than that over her years being associated with JW's. I just have a hard time with the way the WTS dictates rules and policies. One such rule of thumb that bug's the S#*% out of me is the "weakness" vs "wickedness" differential. When Tink was going through emotional hell after her fathers suicide and we were trying to fade out, we were considered "wicked" because I asked to be left alone and had told the Elders that I was concentrating on caring for Tink's well being and that she was not emotionally capable of going before a committee to answer stupid questions about weather we are celibrating Christmas due to a card she sent to her sister who was not a witness. Her bro-in-law saw the card and turned Tink in. I explained the whole thing to this Elder while he came by our house and told him that I explained it once and was not going to repeat myself and would not allow Tink to get badgered and beat down at a committee meeting. Result: We were wicked and were no longer desiring to be witnesses and that our actions were actually stating that we no longer wanted to be JW's and that we were DA'ing ourselves. We had never stated any such thing. The Dub's in the Cong were led to believe, by the statement announced at the meeting, we wrote a letter, which we did not. The Elders made the decision for us (which turned out to be the best thing for us).

    Hopefully any lurkers who read this account and many others here on the forum will consider what kind of Organization they are tied to. Sorry this is so long, I just felt it necessary to share with the forum.


  • Satanus

    A telling story. Dubs should face up to the fact that they are animals like everyone else on the planet. Btw, putting in paragraphs would make it easier for lurkers to read.


  • Shutterbug
    He found out that the Elder who spearheaded our ordeal with the JDC during our inquisition, has been having an affair with a sister in the Cong we used to attend, for the past two years.

    Wow!! If you should see this clown again, put a big grin on your face, offer to shake hands with him, and ask him how he is doing. I could think of some things to say to him but being obscene is not in good taste. Bug

  • gumby
    Dubs should face up to the fact that they are animals like everyone else on the planet

    LOL SS

    I think A LOT of people need to realize this.

    I know I'm an animal.......you should see my ugly ass toenails!


  • unique1

    Sounds like that congregations probably has several STD's being passed along. That is just Crazy!!!!

  • CC Ryder
    CC Ryder

    The day I posted this Simon was switching the Web site around or something..and it didn't show up after I posted it. However, I have been busy since and had not gotten back to the Forum till today. Sorry for not replying right away. Thank you for your comments...and SS I'll try to use paragraphs. I have a bad tendency to ramble on when I'm pissed off at the WTS...LOL.


  • Surreptitious

    Hi CC,

    Are you talking about THIS Tink at the bottom of this thread?



  • Maverick

    This elder must have some connections. What happened to you falls under the "predetermined additiude" clause of dud-dom. These "Elders" already know what your motive is before they ever meet with you. So everything you do or say is read to mean whatever they want it to mean. This elder got in over his head, poor, poor imperfect man that he is. So they cut him some slack. (Being sarcastic here)You did not quake with fear at them, so you had a hard-heart! I'll join you in being pissed off, my friend! Had the same kind of double standard crap done here! Hypocrites! Maverick

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