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  • leslane

    I have a fettish for tattoos...along with piercings. (they all think the piercings I want and have will lead me to getting dfed..too bad, I'm not committed yet!) I have mentioned it to a few of my associates in the congregation and they freak. Where exactly is the rule that you cannot get a tattoo? Am I harming my body??? Ha, it's no worse than the obese elders! Aren't they harming their bodies? Well, it's not like their ideas are preventing me to do what I want to my body, I just have to wait till my time comes to run. But in the meantime, can anyone explain what their deal is with the tattoos. Why are they so anal?

  • Abaddon

    There's something in the Mosaic Law... which Christians are not under... but since when has that stopped the Borg for taking scripture and twisting it? They normally will run along the lines of 'cause for stumbing to wordly people'.

    Tell you what; tell an Elder you've GOT piercings, and when they ask where, tell them it's private. When you are next asked by Elders about piercings (as you will be), say you don;t know what they're talking about... have fun!

  • GermanXJW

    IIRC from the box "In Our Next Issue" there will be an article in an Sep/Oct magazine.

  • saturday_morning_slavery

    First, you can't be df'd for your tattoo's or piercing, unless the tattoo is of some pagan / false worship origin, then they could ( I would assume ) df you for apostacy.

    There is a YPA article in the September 8 Awake about "Should I get a Tattoo". Surprisingly the last sentence is "think before you ink", but they still give you all that mumbo jumbo about "what would others think", yada yada yada. I still wouldn't be surprised if the judgmental attitude of the congregation is that you have done something "wrong". (The above post is correct, it was forbidden under mosaic law, but "modern day christians" aren't under mosaic law)

    That being said, it's a personal choice and if they don't like it you can tell them to shove it.

  • leslane

    yea, i'll be telling them more than just shove it when my three years are up. i honestly think it's bull and will be doing it anyways, even while I'm still at home. oh, and yes, i'm a rebelious child; but if you want to think of it logically, just call me resentful. vs. who wins?

  • tinkerbell82

    just be careful. i'm a full advocate of tattoes and piercings if youre into them i happen to be), but i was watching the news two nights ago, and a guy that i used to be really good friends with that lived next door to me at school just died, apparently from complications with an existing heart condition aggravated by the tattoo he'd just gotten (perhaps the needles were less than sterile, i'm not sure).

    having said that, theyre good fun and i hope you enjoy the whole thing when you reach legal inking age ;)

  • unique1

    There was an article and talk given a few years back that stated if you were of age, 18 plus and you wanted to get a tattoo or a piercing that was your decision. It did say however if you were living in your parents house, you should ask them first and if you were a female married, you should ask your husband first. But they ultimately left the decision up to the individual. You can't get d'fed just for getting one, unless like previously mentioned, you get a pagan symbol, like a huge cross on your ankle or something. They do discourage it though, following worldly trends, yada yada yada.

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