The Cosmos an orderly created universe by a God ? or is it a chaotic universe without order or arrangement by any God ?

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  • smiddy3

    Or is the universe just following the natural laws of physics etc,etc.

    I remember when I was "in" talks and books by the society highlighted the order of the universe went like clockwork ,sun ,moon and stars all in their relative positions and not one out of their place .

    However the advancement in science of the universe / astronomy shows a much more different picture that demonstrates a more chaotic realism of what actually goes on out their in this vast universe .

    Black holes , which can merge together , Galaxies colliding and merging together , large meteors ,some of which have crashed here on earth ,SuperNovas ,stars being born and stars in their death throes .

    Just some of the things off the top of my head ,apparently their are many more.

    I look forward to comments and some good book to read on the subject.

  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    The craters on the moon are surely evidence of chaos not order in our universe.

    Are meteorites hitting earth part of God's plan or did Eve put the entire universe out of kilter when she munched on that "forbidden fruit"?

  • smiddy3

    did Eve put the entire universe out of kilter when she munched on that "forbidden fruit"?

    I hear what your saying Amelia the absurdity of thinking an act of disobedience petty as it was could cause all of this chaos in the universe ?

    And if that was the case he doesn`t sound like an Almighty God to me.

  • waton

    Amelia, would it be a sign of order if craters on the Moon showed a pattern? Here is an orderly progression, without rime and reason in near space:

    (4Mercury)+ 3, 3, ^ 6 ,12, 24, 48, 96, 96, 96 (Pluto 388) ^ Earth having the No.10, like the number of our fingers.

    These are spacings between planet orbits in 1/10 of Astronomical Units. doubling 7 times, like a piano keyboard. but 2 equal units at both ends. aka Titius Bode Tabulation.

    It is not total chaos, there are laws that are reasonably reliable. just no tinkering to keep things tidy.

  • smiddy3

    What`s your take on Black holes merging , Supernova`s , Suns living expanding and dying , Galaxies colliding , ?

    waton ? Isn`t that Chaos ?,or could it be called organized Chaos ?

  • Crazyguy

    Black holes, end of debate.

  • waton

    Super novae are the forges in which the heavier elements we need for life, oxygen, carbon, Phosphorus calcium sliver and gold even are produced, without these implosions, we would not be here. . The Jury is still out on black holes , merging them reduces their numbers and gives us gravitational waves, we still have to learn to surf. Galaxy merge kind of, pass through each other, the next star is 4 light year away, so having another in between might be exciting, bringing new fuels our way even, and more material to accrue. when Andromeda arrives. Has happened before and even if not planned, all contribute to the mix that is going on.

    Imagine a cosmos that is as boring as the wt organized organisation. Are you not glad the universe seems not like that. ?

  • waton

    Crazyguy on Black holes: Black hole 'donuts' are actually 'fountains' -- ScienceDaily

    On the creation question in general:
    Energy can not be destroyed or created, if that is so, why has to be there even creation from nothing? and if energy is eternal, so is time, because nothing, even energy pure and simple, has to have time to exist in. so:
    The universe can in a way have made itself from the laws and energy it was endowed with from the start. It could have made itself like a new born baby.
  • unsure

    If you look hard enough you will find patterns in many things. Probably just coincidence in a chaotic universe.

    Kind of like when crazy coincidences happen to humans and they believe it's a higher power guiding their life.

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