Cheers for advice on quiting smoking!

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  • be wise
    be wise

    It has been a while since I posted for advice but I haven't had a cig now in 6 weeks.

    Cheers for everyones helpful advice. The best advice has been just to recognise that I had a problen -that I was dependant rather than just not thinking about it. Every time I had a cig I viewed it in a different way. I went through the worst of it in the first few weeks - bad headaches and tiredness etc. Actually I dreamt about having a cig last night, my old tutor from college offered me it and I felt I had to smoke it out of politeness but it tasted aweful. Gonna keep tryin.

    be wise

  • jwbot


    I am addicted to the computer....but I am not gonna quit!

  • Swickley

    Be wise -- congrats and I have some advice (it worked for me) and it is guaranteed to work. Here is it:


    Seriously, if you just follow this advice, you never have to worry about getting hooked (or re-hooked) again!


  • Latin assassin from Manhattan
    Latin assassin from Manhattan

    Be Wise:

    The best thing to do is to find healthy snack foods and to keep them handy whenever you get the urge to smoke. The emphasis is on healthy foods. Non smokers are known to put on lots of weight after quitting. Smoking keeps your metabolism up, which makes you feel less hungry. If you're able to work out I recommend you do so - this will keep your metabolism up and will improve your mood.

    Good Luck.

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