Hardline or more mainstream.... I think we now have the answer!

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  • Tornintwo

    This latest convention with the shunning and bunker videos shows the organisation getting more and more extreme and more cultish.

    I think for the last few years they have wavered between the softer more mainstream, loving version of Christianity (last year's Jesus convention for example) and a harder line, there were even posters on here optimistically suggesting they might RELAX the shunning rules. Whoever it is on the GB who has the harder stance has clearly won out (my guesses Lett and Morris!).

    I am sure I am not the only one breathing a sigh of relief, "phew, we got out in time". It would be funny if it wasn't so dangerous especially to the young ones in the organisation.

    I predict responses of the rank and file JWs in 3 camps. 1. uberdub and/or fragile mental state will LAP it up, rejoice in the hardening message and anticipate the judgement to come! 2. average dub, will clap and emote how wonderful it is but be secretly very confused and a bit freaked out 3. more intelligent questioning minds will question, get on the internet and wake up.

    But watchtower only wants the core hardliners remaining. They will probably provoke persecution with their more extremist views, then they will use it as "evidence" "look, just as prophesied we are being persecuted!" resulting in the uberdubs increasing their unquestioning loyalty. In reality we HOPE that charity commissions and regulators will be forced to take action to protect the minors who are going to be chucked out of home, cut off from all contact with their families and that will be where the long awaited persecution comes.

    Scary, crazy madness...

  • EdenOne

    It's the Rutherfordian strategy 2.0 ...



    I think you make a good point - Certainly the FEAR Factor is upped to Red Status at the latest RC's - "lets have a blow-out" .....keep the #2 Cat. shjitting themselves and allowing for natural attrition of the Critical 'Independent' Thinkers #3.......- hold onto the remaining flock and bleed them to death !

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