Live Kingdom Hall Streaming

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  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    Sincere apologies if I've missed previous post/s on this topic, but who actually owns this nice little earner?

    I've just been discussing this "provision" with an elderly JW sister who paid out over £100 for an Apple Box, in order to access her local congregation meeting when she didn't attend.

  • dubstepped

    Interesting. The pricing seems kind of inexpensive to me. I looked up the domain but it's private so I couldn't see who owned it. I knew that one could listen in and thought that congregations paid for it, but didn't know about video streaming.

  • exjwlemming

    The GB is probably kicking themselves for not tapping into this revenue source! The missed the boat on all the JW dot borg paraphernalia and chotchkies that litter the internet. They could have sold the software and hardware to line their wallets (like the KH monitors, AV systems, and trolleys.) Unfortunately, people can't stuff the donation box while sitting at home watching and listening to the meeting as they vacuum or cook. In my last days, I remember the elders clamping down on providing audio access to the meetings for those that are truly invalid or sick. Some would call in on speaker phone as they got caught up on secular paperwork at their office. My 30 and 40 something ex was notorious for staying at home in comfy clothes on the couch and calling in. The elders cut her off and would change the passcode on a regular basis. So much for getting their spiritual food from the comfort of the living room. I see a strongly worded letter from the CCJW to the congregations in the future. Maybe the borg can team up with the franchise and offer "pay per view" streaming like a boxing or wrestling match. They are going to have to get more creative and provide more revenue streams to the Warwick compound.

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