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  • inbetween09


    anybody seen November 2017 broadcast ? I do not mean the hypocritical talks about accuracy, but the rather short talk at the end. The brother (sorry, forgot the name) addressed the issue of how apostates wrongly inform the media about the 2 witness rule.

    I guess the org received several letters from concerned brethren, who watched TV or read newspaper.

    He starts like how dangerous it could be, that our faith be eroded, and kind of blames apostates for the media coverage. He didnt mention child abuse directly.

    then he goes and quotes Deuteronomy (2 witness rule).

    Then he creates a strawman, by saying that some of opposers accuse JW of not applying the Mosaic law in some areas (example given of stoning adulterers) but do so in other areas. he then continues to show Matthew 18:16, trying to prove that Jesus established this rule also as being valid for Christians.

    But there are some problems with this approach:

    1) The main issue was not their own procedure of judicial comitees, rather the fact, that they did not report it to authorites, and it was not all done to protect children and victims.

    2) The situation in Matthew 18 involves disputes between adults. Even their own literatur applies it to business dealing for instance, but NEVER to any sexual misconduct. What a big lie to pull this one in the context of child abuse !

    3) Even the org allows for circumstantial evidence in connection with sexual misconduct, when 2 witnesses observe a couple being the night together. They do not witness the act itself of course. Or what do you think would happen if a not married sister becomes pregnant, but does not confess? and no witnesses are there either?

    I was surpised they even adress the issue, but as usual, with half truths and logical fallacies.

    But it will work for some who may have raised some questions...sigh..

  • Listener

    You are spot on Inbetween 09.

    There are some positives that we can take from this:

    - They could present no new light as to why they are sticking to their guns on the issue even though he confessed that apostates, news reporters and others have made an issue of this. They understand the repercussions, it has been made evident to them and they also understand why they are biblically incorrect. This makes it easier for us to explain where their thinking is wrong.

    - He presented an argument against apostate claims. Although he misrepresented what apostates have an issue with, it demonstrates a willingness to try to address their complaints. By doing so, it inadvertently gives permission for a JW to consider the argument.

    Hopefully, it represents their next stage of dealing with issues rather than just having JWs stick their heads in the sand, it indicates that approach was not working.

  • waton

    It opens for the question too, why they do not allow an adversarial second witness to be present in pre-jc and jc meetings, and as a substitute insist in "no recordings" ?

    If child rapists hide behind the one witness barrier, what grievous stuff has wt to hide?

  • Alive!

    Frankly, they are getting downright scarier in their words and actions every advancing day.

    Haven't seen broadcast....but their continued hiding, blustering and playing the 'victim'.....

    Good point re sexual 'misdemeanours' as being pronounced 'guilty' without two witnesses to view the, sister and brother stay in same dwelling overnight and alone....can't they work out how.....wrong that is?????

    I honestly don't think they have inkling as to how they really sound to the world, and to those who say 'enough' ....

    It's horrible. It truly is.

  • punkofnice

    If this was that Breaux bloke, he's on the service committee™.

    I notice they didn't mention why the media and apostates™ are so concerned about the 2 witness rule.

    If this is the Breaux bloke, I also noticed he said something along the lines of 'we don't want to think............'

    Let's face it. They WANT persecution so they're forcing it upon themselves. 100% of all watchtower corporation prophecies have failed.

    Now, they've manufactured one to make the R&F think they're being persecuted like they claim their skewed interpretation of the bibble says.

    Just report paedos to the authorities rather than deal in house at the kingdom hall™'s that simple.

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