Just picked up an original 20s copy of can the living talk with the dead. What are the pages with the craziest stuff?

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  • rickroll

    Its the smaller hand book and fragile due to the acid over time. Looking to go though it as little as possible so if anyone knows what pages have the most crazy things I would appreciate it.

  • Tenacious

    Man, I wish I could get a hold of one. Where did you find yours?

    I've been trying to locate an original one and also an old Trinity brochure.

    As far as the quotes, I'm not sure but you can probably find some right off the bat.

  • rickroll

    Tenacious, they come up although rarely on Ebay and run around 50 to 80 bucks. I found one on Amazon for 30 plus 4 shipping. Its old and fragile but good condition. Use findabook and do a search and look for the date of published. Its been reproduced for years. Amazon had a couple and I picked the one that was said to be in the best condition. The other one may still be available.

  • sir82

    1920's Bible Students book?

    I'd say you'd be pretty hard pressed not to find anything crazy on any page.

    You can download a PDF version of the book in German here:


    Though I guess that's only helpful if you can read German.....

    EDIT: I do see an English book with a similar title and the same copyright date. Maybe it had different titles in different printings and/or languages?


    There's a bunch of Rutherford's stuff there, I'm sure you could spend all day tracking down wackadoodle statements:


  • rickroll

    https://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B000Z38MM0 Link to the one that is still for sale. Its a bit more at 77 dollars. I was told it rates an 8 out of 10 for rarity.

  • APieceOfShitNamedTate
    notsurewheretogo 19 days ago

    From 1920 WT publication "Talking with the Dead":

    p. 116 Materializations
    "These materializations occur by a power which the demons posess of being able to draw out of the mediums body connected streams of the cells of which her body is composed, and then changing the form of these living cells into any desired appearance. They thus transform the medium into a hideous octopus-like creature, and this is the reason seances occur in a dimly lit room, with the medium in a cabinet, so that the circle of investigators cannot witness the horrible scene as it really is."

    p. 123 Demons control mediums by seizing the base of the brain
    "The cerebellum of the brain is the power house of the body and it is from this center that the evil spirits seek control over the reasoing faculties, located in the cerebrum, and over the whole body."

    p. 126 Heavenly whiskey, dentistry and manure
    "According to Sir Oliver Lodge's book 'Raymond', the spirit world is inhabited by spirit beings who have flesh but do not bleed. They wear tweed clothes, drink whiskey and have manure piles."

    Food at the proper time.

  • APieceOfShitNamedTate
    That's the same book right?
  • Lost in the fog
    Lost in the fog

    I used to have one that belonged to my grandfather but when I was still in, gave it away to a circuit overseer I liked. If only I had known that I could have made money from selling it!

  • sir82

    According to Sir Oliver Lodge's book 'Raymond', the spirit world is inhabited by spirit beings who have flesh

    but do not bleed. They wear tweed clothes, drink whiskey and have manure piles

    So maybe that's the reason for Morris' Sunday morning whiskey runs - he is preparing for his future lifestyle.

    His pasty complexion seems to indicate a lack of blood.

    Though I've never seen him in tweed.

    And I don't even want to think about his......piles.

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