KOREA : Conscientious objectors discuss their opinions after the Supreme Court's Nov. 1st ruling

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  • Not_Culty
  • Solzhenitsyn

    As a PIMI I thought, er...was lead to believe:

    >only JW's were imprisoned in S Korea for being a conscientious objector

    >only JW's attorneys were legally defending South Korean conscientious objectors

    >the recent legal changes in South Korea regarding conscientious objectors was only a victory for JW's

    I guess there was enough JW prayer leftovers that Jehovah decided to let all the non-JW's out of jail too?

  • zeb

    To imprison CO always was to me a waste of human potential. I would ask any govt to find some thing else for them to do from a host of things that need doing.

    solzenitsn. Yes i too was deluded to believing that only jw as CO were put into camps by the Nazis when in fact there were many many others and among them many catholic priests which the wt never revealed.

    I hope one day soon that the good people of the two Koreas are able to cross freely the borders and be reunited with family members or seek work travel..

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