JW sponsored orgies?

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  • La Capra
    La Capra

    I got this e-mail from via my personal ad on jwmatch.com. If I had known these types of things were the goings on of my brethren to the south, perhaps I would not have been so hasty to depart............ "Dear Sister, I totally dig your profile. I felt like I was watching a favorite movie as I was reading on. I would love to get to know you even as friends. You seem so very cool and very much together.There is a 3 day JW Singles event this Labor Day, at the end of August in San Diego. You and your friends have to come.Please send me your E-mail address and I will forward you the info. It is being organized by two sisters and I know it will be a blast. There will be friends from Canada and different parts of the US."............. Depending on what I get back, I may share this with the board. Does anyone want the details? Shoshana

  • Euphemism

    LOL Well you sure as hell know how to get attention!

    I've had friends that have attended JW singles events. They were completely chaste events, believe me. But if anything untoward occurs at this party, please be sure to inform your local Judicial Committee...

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