Nathan Knorr's Cadillac

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  • snugglebunny

    Is it true that a group of brothers clubbed together to buy the then president of the Watchtower society a Cadillac? Apparently so.

    Back in the early 60's, my father was the PO of a London congregation. He was a frequent visitor to the newly opened bethel in Mill Hill. He was also close to the then Branch "servant", Pryce Hughes, and would enjoy a tipple in a Mill Hill pub with the likes of Ron Drage who was also an occasional visitor to our home.

    One time when my dad came home from one of his trips he was grinning from ear to ear because he'd been told that the top boys had put their hands in their pockets to buy Nathan Knorr a Cadillac as a gesture of appreciation for his services. He felt that NHK was a very fine fellow and richly deserved this most excellent gift.

    Around this time, NHK had been visiting England to take part in the International assembly taking place at Twickenham. He'd reportedly been mixing with the R & F around the stadium perimeter. My dad was delighted to have said hello to him and having received a hello in return. Others spoke of him smiling benevolently when they managed to catch his eye.

    I never met him personally, but I heard many of his talks over the years, including his famous 1958 public talk at Yankee Stadium back in 58. He seemed to have charisma and bon-homie a-plenty. Perhaps he was simply revelling in the delight of owning a brand new Cadillac..

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    I recall going to London one evening to hear Knorr give a talk at a football stadium. It was not part of an assembly..just a one-off talk. It was in the 60s.

    His key phrase was "you must not forget". He kept repeating it.

    I've forgotten what the talk was about.

  • waton

    Jws seem to be General Motors people, Rutherford owned 2 Cadillacs. The top branch chap in Canada, P. Chapman a green one.

    So what is wrong with Ford's flagship Lincoln? because he did not like the Jewish angle?

    ps Knorr was a big man, he could hardly be shoehorned into an Austin, Hillman, Morris or Volkswagen.

  • snugglebunny

    I guess the most prestigeous caddy at the time was this one:

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    OMG Snugglebunny, Knorr was Batman!

  • Londo111

    Knorr took the cult to new lows that even Rutherford never did, introducing institutional shunning for one.

  • waton

    we are talking cars not care. Rutherford with his 2 cadillacs, one on each coast, had 24 more cylinders than Knorr, and both of these men were not firing on all them with the doctrines they endorsed.

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