Illustrating an important point: You Had To Have Been There

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  • TerryWalstrom

    (It is the evening at the Kingdom Hall and a JW mom and her JW daughter arrive before the meeting for fellowship.)

    MOM: Jenny, come over here and meet Sister Richardson. She is of the anointed.

    Sister Richardson, this is my daughter, Jenny.

    SR: "Hello, Jenny."

    JENNY: "Hello, Sister Richardson."

    MOM: Jenny, Sister Richardson is 117 years old. She was born in 1900 when Pastor Russell was still alive!

    SR: "How old are you, Jenny?"

    JENNY: "I'm seventeen."

    MOM: Jenny, is there anything you'd like to ask Sister Richardson?

    JENNY: "Sure. My mom says not to worry about preparing for college because Armageddon is coming soon. But, the other girls at school make fun of me because they say I'll end up married to a janitor and poor if I stay a Jehovah's Witness. What do I tell them?"

    SR: "Well, Jenny. I was fourteen years old in 1914 when Armageddon came and I was 25 when the ancient worthies returned from the dead and took up residence in Beth Sarim in San Diego. Exciting times!

    I was 75 when the 1000 year reign began. If you just wait on Jehovah like I have you'll be just like me someday. I never went to college. I married a janitor and I've never been anywhere or done anything exciting. I've never worked outside the home because I was raising the kids. My husband died and I have no money to live on. My kids are disfellowshipped and they send me money, though. I don't even thank them because they are Apostates and I don't have anything to do with mentally diseased people!"

    MOM: Um, uh--let's go now Jenny, the meeting is about to begin and leave Sister Richardson alone--we know she's been on medication and is probably tired and easily confused.

    SR: "Bye Jenny. Stay faithful. Wait on Jehovah. I know I sure have."

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